Eyes Are Windows

Eyes are the world’s way to bear news

Good or bad?

I could see in your eyes, all your passions

I knew that I was loved when I looked at those warm brown pools

Words were unnecessary to explain what you were feeling

You know how to put a smile on my face with just your eyes

I know that  love surrounds me with you

Not because  of what you say

But  because of what you don’t

The way you always have my favorite songs playing when I enter your car

The way you hold me when I had a rough day

The way that you  do not force me to speak

And we are able to sit in a peaceful silence

The way you push me to do my homework by doing it with me

You love me because, we work together

Like a drummer beat, beat, beat on drums

Our love makes a rhythm with work

To create a beautiful vibe

Us two together

We are friends before we are partners

Our laughter fuels our friendship

But our views or the world shape our relationship

Together we are stronger

More aware, and happier

You are my friend, my companion, and lover

I am yours and you are mine based on the fact that our souls are almost combined

It’s all because of the emotions you have in your eyes

I see the reflection of our happiness

It is what you do not say, I pay more attention to that what you do

Because I Love You


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