you changed my life (and i am forever thankful)

When I was in 9th grade 

I put stars on my ceiling 

just in case sad was the

only thing I was feeling.


I'd look up from bed to see all of them glowing

just to keep the "good" chemicals in my brain flowing.

Because in the night was when I would start to drown,

but when I would tell him, he would just frown.


But then I found you,

and you're all I need

because while you help me out, 

my anxiety he would feed.


You are not him,

and thats all I know.

Now I'm not scared,

my insecurities I show.


For I know you,

and you will not judge.

You build me up slowly,

then give me a nudge.


Guide me in the direction

you're sure I should go.

Holding my hand, saying

"we'll take things slow."


You've opened my eyes

to something so good.

I'm treated by you

like I now I should.


Of coure somtimes

we may lose our way

but we'll always have eachother,

what more can I say?


All thanks to you

I have grown strong

you're undoing everything

he had made wrong.


You are my heart, my soul,

my joy, my muse.

You are something 

I can not bare to lose.


So, my love, won't you

please stay?

In my bed is 

where we shall lay.


There you'll look up

and explain what you see,

maybe it'll show you

what you are to me.


I will then tell you 

what it all means

after my bare ceilings

have all been seen:


I found someone to 

guide me out of the dark,

but who would have thought

he'd find his way to my heart?


All thanks to you

I've stopped living in fright,

because the day I met you,

I found a new light.


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