Because they love you

"Hey baby come look at this! This is so you!" "Us." "I would do this for you." 

You always show me things you think I'd enjoy. Why? 

Because I love you. 

"Hey, listen to this song. It makes me think of you." 

You think of me when you listen to such beautiful lyrics. Why?

Because I love you. 

"Let me carry that for you, I don't want you to hurt yourself." 

You make sure I don't overestimate myself. Why? 

Because I love you. 

"What's wrong? You're using periods." 

You pick up on the tiniest of signals to make sure I'm okay. Why? 

Because I love you.

"Here, let me help. I want to help." 

You help with the simplest of tasks. Why? 

Because I love you. 

"Can you bring me more swedish fish? I have kit-kats for you."

"You're absolutely beautiful the way you are. You may not think so, but I do." 

"Did you eat today? You need to eat." "Don't eat that, you know you're allergic."

"Don't forget your assignment is due soon. Do you want me to help?" 

"Do you like this plant? I want to get us matching plants." 

"Do you want me to come with you?" 

"I love how caring you are. You care about things I never would have even thought

about before I met you."

Love is companionship. Love is trust. Love is compromise. 

Love is silly nicknames and phrases only you two can understand. 

Love is feeling comfort from finally being with them after a long day. 

Love is in the little things, such as sharing posts you know they'd like or smiling 

at the thought of them. 

Love is surprising them with small things, such as a cool rock you found,

because you know they would love it. 

Love is watching a show together because you love both the show and each other's


Love is ranting on and on about your day, knowing they'll be listening to every 


Love is talking things out so both of you are on the same page. 

Love is never being able to stay mad at them for too long, because you know

that their apology is sincere. 

Love is allowing yourself to be yourself around them. All of your quirks and habits

don't matter to them, because they love you. 

Love is helping them fight their inner demons while they help you fight yours. 

And most importantly, love is looking into their eyes and knowing that you are truly




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