Her Heart was Your Home


Her heart was your home 


She was one of those places you could go to to pour out your feelings for her. And how you felt about the circumstances between you two.

Her heart was your home an asylum of happiness and peace. You never had a stabled home to go to every night. 

She always let you in without any preconditions or questions. She trusts you with her heart and feelings.

Her heart glowed every morning and night. It glowed so bright that it became a nightlight for you to fall asleep with the sounds of love, worry, and patience flowing through her veins.

Her heart was your home and asylum. She hates seeing you leave out the door and only comes back home for some fresh clothes and to bathe. You barely talk about how much you love and miss her. You're always so busy and always running the streets being a trailblazer.

Please hold on to her and her heart. She needs your love. You were send from the heavens above and now it's your duty to keep her safe. You're her asylum. 


Her heart was your home and you were her heart and safe haven. Please on hold on to me, boy I need your love. You were sent for me from the sky above. Your heart is my home. I'm not going anywhere until it's time to go back home in the heavens. Whenever I feels like our relationship is being threatened by someone, it hurts because I don't like listening to people but it's been going on for too long and all I want to say is that I'm in a happy place. My heart has a home and it's not going anywhere no time soon. My heart is his home and his "North Star ", always guiding him home. My heart is the lighthouse brung him back to shore.



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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please continue to express your life your heart and your soul! Keep sharing!


Thanks again. I glad my words moved you.

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