My love is a shape shifter

One day, it's as small and light as a butterfly

the next, it's a dragon

breathing fire that warms cold hearts

and feels like home

Home to me, is in your protective arms

Your love is magical

it consumes me in a way that makes me feel as though I'm a giant

it grants me the power to stand up so tall

that my insecurites appear so small

the butterflies in my stomach can carry them away

Your love is the fireflies lighting my way through the darkness

small, but with a large impact

Your heartbeat is my white noise

that drowns out society

and always tells me I'm good enough

Your love whispers sweet nothings in my bitter ears

I can see the way you look at me

as though no one else is on earth

and it reminds that I'm worth it

Your love chases away depression 

and replaces it with wildflowers

they tell me that

I too

can grow,

beautiful and free

I won't ever let you go

not because I'm selfish

but because I love you.




This poem is meant to embody a healthy, prosperous relationship. Rather than the toxic ones we regularly see today, this poem shows how it helps the individuals feel confident, safe, and happy. 

P.S. I realize I misspelled "insecurities," but I had already submitted the poem. I even reread it twice! Oh well(:

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