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You died half a year ago tonight and I had to say goodbye.It was six months ago when I watched you die.It's never easy when a man loses a dog as special as you.If somebody says that you were awesome, it will be true.
It's been three months since the day when you died.You were a wonderful dog and that can't be denied.I remember the day when I bought you.When you died, it was a terrible thing to go through.
Some Chihuahua dogs are hateful but you weren't hateful in the least.You were a very special dog and it's painful because you're deceased.Just one month ago today, you were still alive.
I found you lying dead on my kitchen floor.It was sad because you couldn't be my dog anymore.On August the 27th of 2013, I adopted you.It was a really wonderful thing for me to do.
Cats, round balls of fur. They move only in blurs.   Does my vision deceive?, Godspeed. A cat zooming by at topspeed.  
Sadly, your existence ended eighteen months ago.On July 11, 2020, you would have no tomorrow.You were a very pretty dog with brown fur.You died and it certainly was hard to endure.
When my Chihuahua died during the Summer of 2020, I was devastated.When I had to say goodbye and bury her, it was something that I hated.At first, I wasn't going to buy another dog because it hurts too much when they die.
You were like a daughter to me and I was like a dad.Your death was heart-breaking because it was so bad.I got the idea to call you my baby doll because that was what Mom called her cat.
If somebody says that I don't care about my dog, it will be a lie.On August 18, 2020, I bought my new dog and she's my Sweetie Pie.She loves to lick my cheeks and my chin.Hazel loves to lick me over and over again.
I wasn't going to buy another dog because it hurts too much when they die.But I decided to buy another dog and she is my Sweetie Pie.When it comes to the heart, losing a pet sure will break it.
It was six months ago today when you drew your final breath.When I found you in my kitchen, I learned about your death.It was the day that every pet owner dreads.At about 10 PM, I learned that you were dead.
When you died, it brought about sadness, pain and tears.You died three months ago today, that's a fourth of a year.You died ninety-two days ago.Your death was a devastating blow.  
(Note: This is not a picture of my cat. It's a picture of a cat that looks very similar.)  
You were without doubt the best dog I've ever had.Your death has broken my heart and I'm very sad.When I named you Agnes, I named you after my late mother.I was your owner and you and I had a lot of love for one another.
The grass of the backyard Is a wild jungle, The clover a dense thicket A golden hunter, She tramps through the green Eyes bright,
What color red is she, I say. Her fur so shining-smooth.   It bounces and rolls like waves of water, crashing as she runs through the night.   The ginger envelops the currant
A pack of bulls charge Toward a big red curtain. They fall from a cliff.
A dry pile of hay Horses chew with their strong jaws Breaking so much wind
I, travelled amongst the jungle Searching for a rare species, Which people would call em' the blue bird.
This morning, I experienced some good luck.I bought a Chihuahua for one hundred bucks.My new dog is brown and his name is Red.He will be my dog for many years ahead.Like other dogs, he probably loves to gnaw on bones.
To you it might not seem a lot And to you he cannot give it thought But for every little thing you do He owes his entire world to you.
They bark, They roar, They tweet, They squeak. These 2 legged, 4 legged, 8 legged friends Will be my influences until the end. They have taught me to be passionate.
Delicate eyes showed through the light A message from above An Angel in disguise You taught me how to love You told me to be bright You taught me during day You taught me during night
My Angel Oh, How I miss you My Angel Oh, How much I loved you                My darling baby girl, My Angel You made my life so much more eventful We knew each other for almost 12 years
Orange, white, black, and brown, I know you won’t let me down. Round, fluffy, chunky monkey, Why are you always hungry? Playful, smart, clever, beauty, You are my splooty booty.  
Muggy water, gooey mud Lily pads with bright pink buds A fish, a fly, a heron Swarming swirling swamp, a heaven. Rain! A great grey day.
From the early mornings until the late nights, oh what a sight. No you don’t bark,  bark you have never. But you listen Like the leaves brushing outside of my window in soft strokes 
What's a hermit crab? A creature lacking a shell. It needs a shelter.
Once upon a time There was a little kitten Who was very different From the others in her litter   She was born in a barn
Every day he does the same.He lounges around, he gets nearbut then goes away.I always wonder why he doesn’t stay.
Pale green stare Frizzy orange golden hair Outside looking in And still you love and care I'm sorry you're out there I wish she would have cared I'll take you with me And we can both live there
Lacy trails of light shroud her in golden fog, Feline figure illuminated, nature’s sunny spotlight dancing softly over her Tiny paws stretch curiously along the shadow cast by the open window.
Cowering in the corner six feet underground, Sapphire blue eyes pleading, Pleading to be found Parents heard cries From the helpless, Helpless creature stuck In the sewer, out of luck
A ravenous hunger A wolf I am Creeping up on it's prey   Silent but so deadly Stalking the night It's good to be afraid   A girl I used to be A wolf I am
Why is finding happy upbeat songs so hard to do? They are always on the radio (the same ones over and over) But as soon as you try to find one alone they are like
My cats meow a song of hunger and thirst while we prepare meals for their routine dry feast.   They run back and forth between the kitchen and the hall where they eat,
Jay seems like a monster in the morning Angry about having to leave his bed Yet once he has his coffee a change happens Relaxation, relief and more awake than before
My dog really loves to be scratched On his ears and head Oscar, so cute, he makes me happy
I'm a tiger.  He's a lion, Or maybe it's a she. Well, I guess it doesn't matter, Because I am better than them, you see?   You may call them the animal kings, And, yes, they're pretty tough,
They Come.Flapping their feathered wings.Mocking me in their bizarre language of squawks and gibberishCircling like vultures above unsuspecting vesselsSearching for scraps. If one brings out food on a boat, They Come. They Come in their vast numbe
I've got a new dog and she's as pretty as she can be.She has light brown fur and her name is Marie.She is a very sweet dog and I'm glad that she's so tame.She is special, that's why I gave her my mom's middle name.
What have I become? All I want to do is lie somewhere, on the soft and unbroken earth. Feel the pulse of mother's womb, hear the coyotes calling, wade into a cold  rushing river
A meadow so quiet you can hear each snowflake land, as it hits the crisp glistening snow top. A sky so clear even the stars reflect off the blurry ground
A jungle environment With fists clenched tight. Clinging onto fig branches Like a baby koala. Fingers sharp and tightened, Like ET,Calling phone to home.   Eye sockets widened,
Never has there been a trustier steed! He never falters, Never complains about the rocky road. Pushing on towards his given destination, No matter how fatigued he feels. He gives you his all,
Look at me now; tell me what you see? A small new puppy full of hope and need. I do not speak or seem to hear, though now and then I show real fear. What will I be when I am grown?
He noticed me and picked up a brush; he is his canvas. He was missing a few stripes and wanted to fill them in. Black streaks fly across the painting; the strokes looked almost skin like.
I am a beastI wonder what the future holdsI hear my steady heartbeat as I run this raceI see my hard work paying off
Mother and Father gave me a kitten. When they knew they wanted one, It took a whole nine months for them to get it! My new kitten was Adorable, tiny, and fragile.  
A little white feather on a boring swan lay, wanted to go on an adventure that day, so he unbuckled himself from the coat so white, and sailed off without any fright.   Over the meadows and trees he floated,
Away from the commotion,  away from the dirty, suffocations of the city. 
Away from the commotion,  away from the dirty, suffocations of the city. 
Mr. Cheetah,   Those who cheatconstantly repeattaking that which is nottheirs, to eat.  
Us by Lucero How wonderful is saving lives,
Hearing the lashing tail as it waves snow away, coldness never seems to fail. Although the snow seems to fray as Summer begins to unveil.   The ground begins to harden
I'm a pest, And I'm a thief. Though, I do not mean no harm, I disturb your peace. But can you give me my peace? Can you give back what you took from me? Only half is fine.
I'm all alone on this rainy, cold and empty street.  Where have you gone? Do you still care about me? Look i see a light on! I'm limping up to the door hoping to find you there.
Run quick rabbit run   Away from all your problems   Hide quiet rabbit hide
She doesn't always get it right  At least, she's always learning. Her big mistakes and selfish ways Will one day be forgotten.   She doesn't always realize The weight she's born to take. 
I think of my pets, and wonder what is wrong
You've been to a hundred humbling homes
Humans are so fragile They must be taken care of. But animals don't matter Since they're never given love.   You begin to walk away Like you did no harm. The animals died today
I now stand alone; the last of my kind. My ears search the woodland for a familiar sound, but i am disregarded with silence. My mind is astray with thoughts of affliction and revenge. I am overcome with all loss of communication.
The first day I saw you begged for you to be
Changes A Pit Bulls Name I see pain in those eyes,  each thing thats happened,
One of my old poems:   Sometimes I feel like a puppet, Pulled along in another's hands Obeying the orders to do this or do that My every rebellion already orchestrated
Two tiny little, white paws
Oh, bear,you rage and roarincomprehensiblyYou are angry, but I don’t know why.   Oh, bear,you rage and roarall the morebecause you cannot make yourself known.  
The most bothersome thing for me is my dog all he does is lie like a log He never wants to go and play catch no matter how loud I scream "Fetch"  It is so painful when he bites
You don’t know Do you What it’s like Not to be loved Not to have What you Take for granted: A home.   What do you Know about Hunger and Pain and
The job that would change my life is becoming a Veterinarian. I want to help animals and care for them. Ever since I was at the age of 9 and I got my first puppy for Christmas I knew I loved animals and wanted to help them in any way I can.
Humans are viewed to be compassionate,
For all of my lifeI have been told,"follow the crowd"and "fit the mold".But I am unique,you see.
A little animal’s life could end, with one swing of a stick.
I was born and I loved you Who am I kidding? I still love you I know you, you you They whispered through the slivers of light as they passed the rattling big thing, "You belong somewhere else,
Two tomorrows
What have I done? Why do you beat me? Why won't you answer me when I cry throughout the night? These questions are running through their heads What wrong have they done? They just want your love
I look in your eyes and what do i see? I see my reflection and you abusing me Why do you do this? Have I not shown you love? How do i deserve this? What have i done wrong?
Thank you for caring.
glistening gold eyes peering with curiousity   the slender black frame   stalking and circling   innocently evil.
He'll be out of his misery soon There it is The only thing I want to see A smile
i wonder who it could be that would want me for me who could include my faults in whats best of me why cant i see when will he show its been a dream of mine he holds the key
how could you hurt something so defenseless how could you not love something so innocent shame on you, just shame on you a life that hurts an animal is less than a life to me
I watched as the stranger beat my mother with a rod. I watched as he threw her onto a truck. I watched as the stranger beat my father with a rod. I watched as they threw him onto a truck.
  Our future depends on US.
Is it truly fun? To see them writhe in pain Your an awfully sick bastard What have you to gain? If i hurt you as you did to them Would you still be smiling And decide that it's okay
i bring home a warm soul a bouncing tail a warm tongue what a gift   its nature is wild it runs with delight happy panting what a gift   it misbehaves
We as humans go about our day, simply living our lives
I've only just discovered this, there's no way you can tell me that this is fake!
As I come to my new home, I stand alone. No one beside me,
Sincere love is a trivial thing Not everyone gives, not everyone gets Humans focus on the worldly things around Judging and mocking on how fancy the suit is your walking in around
Animals are family, are love
I lift my ears, lift my eyes Look up to the cloudy sky Rain falls, soaking me people hold their noses Why can't someone embrace me For who I am For who I will be I want to help
I lift my ears, lift my eyes Look up to the cloudy sky Rain falls, soaking me people hold their noses Why can't someone embrace me For who I am For who I will be I want to help
Taylor Talkative, weird, funny, cuddlier Daughter of Jim and Tammy Lover of Chinese, Pizza, Animals, and German Shepherds Who feels happy around animals, and at Warped Tour Sad at Funerals
I am the one who fought for you Because it’s what you asked. I am the one who would have died for you If to me that is what you tasked.  
We have feelings too, sir. I'm sorry for whatever I did. I promise, it won't happen again, sir. Why must you do this to a being much less powerful than you. I limp, I bleed, I cry, because of you, sir.
  Hundreds of children All yelling with glee Come running inside With much to see. I sit here, Scared and alone,
Your legs were too skinny for your shorts The day you walked into the room, your cotton shirt About to billow, as if it could, on the unseen zephyr of your shoulders:
I do not have nine lives My wounds take time to heal They hurt and I have no pain medicine When I am abused, how do you think I feel?   I do not shed human tears But I do make noise from the pain
Lion Lion in the plain,Giant paws and golden mane,Licks his lips craving meat,Scans the plain for prey to eat.
My favorite animal is  Homo sapiens sapiens   This mammal has it all It's cute It's smart It is easily house trained   It's so adaptable So good at long distance travel
  The apathetic deal with their emotions by not touching them. Thoughts, what thoughts? They turn feeling into physicality Some say its a brute, primal way. But it's genius, Brilliant,
I’m home right now and daddy’s at it again Drinking into his normal haze While he slips into his other phase I’m hiding in the closet like I do every night When daddy’s drunk and nothing’s right
Those eyes blazed Jaws wide with rage Looming so large above me All I wanted was to play   Teeth through flesh Warm red water covers me All is fear All I wanted was to play  
Why am I here? What have I done to deserve this? Shampoo in my eyes. Give me cancer for a cause. Rush smoke in my lungs. I am an animal, I want to live free. Why cant the just let me be?
I step inside. Yipping, barking, whining, kennels rattling, claws clicking, tongues licking, White, tan, black, brown, tall, short, long, stubby, floppy ears, black noses,
They say im man's best freind, But if that's true why are they doing this? Why do they hit me like they do? All i've done to them is love them, I've protected their kids and now this!
His game was astronomical  This young boy who loved to hunt In the underbrush of the forest sun halve past twelve A fox appeared ahead Golden fur and bright brown eyes 
Small, pitiful eyes, looking at me. hoping, wishing, longing to be free. they all look to us for a new family.
Mourning the deaths of loved ones is indifferent when you’re talking about animals Some say they understand dealing with the acute pain of having someone die painfully but most don’t
Everyday I wake Early in the morning The sun is at the Sea line And I know its the perfect time I Walk through the house And to my masters room I lick her ear And she awakens too
I've never had an owner                                        Yelped, whined..those didn't work And you've never had a pet                                  I waited for you to sleep.Then ran away;
Pinches and medicine, Needles and a poke. This just has to be a painful joke. Their squirms are minimal, Their cries are silent, Allowing the ‘caretakers’ to be violent.
Behind a metal door, My heart begins to feel sore. It’s been beating painfully for days,   I’m hoping, just pleading it’s a daze. Pairs of eyes dart from me to a friend.  
Hit the floor running, that's what they say But there's only so far you can run In this bricked up place with these tiled floors filled with sickness, sad- ness, and sterilization. But that's why I'm here:
Like a best friend, Poetry is there. It is always open, And it is always fair.   Like a mother, Poetry is there. It will always accept you, No matter what you dare.  
It sits in hard, smooth splendor   There was a face here   Once       The wisdom of years and years   Shriveled down to a compact plastic  
Let me tell you a story Of an invisible horse And a man who gained glory For catching it, of course.
Do you see the sparkle in my eye? Or am I just another lie? To stand at your feet Do you believe Fall into my arms I'll share my darkest fears If you promise to take my tears. Call me by name
She ran. Past the creaky rocking chair and the old tin can, Through the mahogany door and into the wrinkled man. She jumped the white picket fence just to see.
The mental state of a young black kid is contended The fast life he has seen on the screen is addictive Having money and clothes is all he thinks about Plus the thought of cigars going in his mouth
Expectation is experience laced with arrogance. I would be lying to you if I told you that I expected this. Because of this, the impact was cushioned by a pathetic surrender to a philosophy of acceptance.
Don’t call me weak, because a movie can cost me a tear. I can be emotional, so to speak. But calling me weak, I don’t adhere.
They are creatures just like you and me, That can't speak or defend them self. People treat them crudely, And that doesn't include myself. Animals are helpless against abuse, but that's not an excuse.
When you hear "animal" What do you think? Furs of brown, Or collars of pink? What about man? The ones with no virtues, The ones we can't stand, The ones we can't rescue.
Skipping lines and skipping parts Do you know wherethebegginingstarts Feel the constant beating of your heart. Then all of a sudden. It falls apart
This is a tale of a Castor Canadensis who, as most beavers, was built for life in the water North America's largest rodent by the name of Mr. Memphis was skilled in swimming and an amazing doctor.
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All I see are the bars on my cage. All I can see is that which impedes my freedom. Freedom! I dream of freedom. This concept, I do not know what it entails. All I know is what freedom means to me:
Down the jaded, dusty road to the west, Clouds form coalitions with no lassitude, And white billows transcend beyond the dark ones, Occult behind the density of the precursors of a transformation.
They think we are subservient, They think we do not know. They think we are susceptible To their cruel, ungodly show.
Listen to Me for once in your life! You don't know what this pain really feels like. No one knows what I'm saying to you. All you hear is a bark or two. I lie neglected all day, every day.
Day after day I look through these bars and wonder why I'm here. You left me. Strangers look at me like I've done something wrong. Why won't you come back? Wasn't I good enough? Did I do something bad?
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