Invisible Horse


United States
46° 31' 51.0096" N, 113° 13' 35.8788" W

Let me tell you a story
Of an invisible horse
And a man who gained glory
For catching it, of course.

It happened one night
While he was out on the range
When the man saw a sight
That looked kind of strange.

There were tracks being made
In the wet muddy ground
But the man said
There was nothing around.

He soon discovered
They were made by a horse
But there has no animal
Cause it was invisible, of course.

He went into town
To tell of his story
But no one believed him
They said it sounded too corny.

He decided he'd show them
He'd bring back the horse
He'd put it in a pen
By using brut force.

He set out one night
And lassoed the horse
And saddled it up
To ride back to town, of course.

The people all yelled
And shouted hooray
When he rode on the horse
The very next day.

It looked like he was suspended
On a saddle in midair
No one could see
That invisible mare.

And that is the end
Of this cowboy's story
Of how he caught the invisible horse
And gained all that glory.


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