I Am: A Pitbull Story


I am the one who fought for you

Because it’s what you asked.

I am the one who would have died for you

If to me that is what you tasked.


I am the one who forgave each blow

Landed upon my frame.

I am the one who denied my nature

To bring you blood-soaked fame.


I am the one who waited for you

And wagged my tail when you came home.

I am the one whose cropped ears perked up

If I heard your voice in a rare, gentle tone.


I am the once loyal fan and worshipper

who would rather die than disappoint.

I am the one who still came to you

Though my pain echoed in every joint.


I am the one whose spirit was broken

And in battle I was beat.

I am the one that, once I’d lost,

You threw me away into the street.


I am the one who ran through snow

And endured the harshest weather.

For days, or weeks, or maybe years I searched

For you who held my tether.


I am the one whose ribs were showing

And whose eyes grew dull and frightened.

I am the one who growled and snarled

As my pain and loss with time did heighten.


I am the one who was at the door of death

My breathing harsh and shallow.

I am the one to whom an angel came

And took me away from a world so dark and hollow.


I am the one whose spirit was restored

By gentle hands and loving care.

I am the one whose scars were healed

and in my heart, love began to mend the tear.


I am the one who learned again

How to run and play.

I am the one who began to smile

Though my transformation took many a day.


I am the one who now fights for justice

With my angel at my side.

I am the one who works to prove

That those like me do not need to hide.


I am the gentle nanny dog

Born with patient love.

I am the one who has loyalty, not violence

Running in my blood.


I am the one that clings to life

But clings to love even tighter.

I am the one who truly is a lover

And never wished to be a fighter.


I am the one they talk about

But never really know.

I am the one they blame for things

Because they need a show.


I am the one so many avoid

Unwilling with me to be familiar.

I am the one they call vicious and dangerous

And label me as a killer.


I do not understand what it is my angel says

When she claims I’m not the monster.

She says I am proof that the other end of the leash

Is where the hate is fostered.


Dear friend on two legs, and those on four

I am so much more than you think.

I am someone’s world now, or so they say.

And they love me despite my scars and tail kink.


Before you cross that street again

To avoid my vicious tongue and smile.

Please take a moment to get to know me

And ignore my projected profile.


I am your shadow and follower

Loyal to the end.

I will be your child, your warmth, and stress relief

Your cold medicine, vacuum, and your friend.


I am the one who wishes to see

Your life with happiness full.

I am the one who deserves a second chance.


I am the pitbull.


To all of the "angels" out there, thank you for all that you do. Dedicated to Lucas, Ray, Mama Jade, Puppy Doe, and 

all the dogs like them.



I love the pitbull and agree with every word

A silent prayer twisted and slurred.

This is what the world should see,

this is what the world should be.

As I read I felt them come,

a steady stream , a beating drum.

Your words are like a memory

of every pitbulls unfortunate history.

I love your passion and your words

together maybe we can make them heard.

Keep on believing in what you know

That the pitbull breed shall begin to grow.

Toni Franken

I appreciate your prose

More than words can say.

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one

to open my heart to every pet and stray. 

Perhaps you are correct,

Perhaps we can be the change.

With our motivation, passion, and love

Perhaps we can ease the pain.

Spread the word

Open others' eyes

Educate who we can

Dispell the fears and lies.

For now, thank you for noticing

for your kind words and praise.

I hope my words, and yours too

Can bring about better days. 

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