One Hope

All I see are the bars on my cage.
All I can see is that which impedes my freedom.

I dream of freedom.

This concept, I do not know what it entails.
All I know is what freedom means to me:

Freedom means not being behind bars.
Freedom means walking when I want to walk.

Freedom means no more needles, no more tests.
Freedom means a thousand things.

All I hear are the mewings of others like me.
All I can hear is that which pains my heart so.

I dream of a time when there is no more pain.
I dream of a better life,

Where I am not poked and prodded.
Where I am not hurt and mutilated.

Where I am not the victim of some sick game.
I dream to keep the hope alive.

I dream to keep the fears away.
Escaping the darkness for one more day.

I have a dream…
I know I am not the only one to have a dream…

I haven’t the spirit left to fight,
But I dream for the light that will save my people.

I am a cat. I am a dog, a gerbil, a lizard, a mouse. I am
A hundred animals, but I am only one story.

I dream just one dream.
I hope just one hope.

I speak for all the thousands who cannot.
I speak because I have a dream. A dream of freedom and happiness.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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