hunter in my backyard

The grass of the backyard

Is a wild jungle,

The clover a dense thicket

A golden hunter,

She tramps through the green

Eyes bright,

Tail waving,

Muscles rolling, strong and thick

A great hunter within

My sweet little dog,

A labrador-corgi mix from the shelter


She is medium-sized, silly

Barking out the window, chasing lizards

Even the ducks are not scared

She would not survive in the wild


And yet,

The wolf spirit inside of her,

It speaks, once in a while

Hunching low, 

Crouching forward, 

Eyes locked on the rabbit:

For a second, a silent killer, 

And not just a silly mutt


Who is this?


Great wolf spirit 

Beast hidden inside my golden pup,

Where do you hide?

Could this indeed mean

This is more 






This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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