The Adventure of a Fireman, Myself, and a Kitten

Sat, 12/31/2016 - 21:10 -- JMRpink

Cowering in the corner

six feet underground,

Sapphire blue eyes pleading,

Pleading to be found

Parents heard cries

From the helpless,

Helpless creature stuck

In the sewer, out of luck

Feeding wasn’t enough,

It isn’t enough

You can’t stop there

With conditions so rough

“I hear it!”

I sprinted,

Sprinted towards the creature

Locking eyes with its beautiful features

“Let’s go” mom said

“No!” I screamed

My tears like the rain,

The rain that forced her through the drain

I tugged,

Tugged at the manhole with no luck

Getting strange looks, rust on my fingers, scolded

But who cares when a creature is stuck?

Minor inconveniences compared to the innocent,

The innocent life I would rescue

Ignored by animal control

But not by me too

9-1-1, fire truck, manhole, ladder

‘Twas all a blur

But by the end held,

Held not just a ball of fur

But a five-week-old kitten

Who had spent too long

In a dark, dank sewer

When people knew it was wrong

Pleading “ignorance is bliss”

But not me

Determined, moral-compass, life, love,

If not, where would she be? 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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