It and She

She ran.
Past the creaky rocking chair and the old tin can,
Through the mahogany door and into the wrinkled man.
She jumped the white picket fence just to see.

She fell,
Dove into the small hole that's covered as far as anyone could tell.
She reached the bottom, crept along, close to the wall, and reached the well.
"Almost forgot." She said as she places the fee.

She paid
With the momentous of feathers and small buttons she saved.
Minutes passed where first she sat, and then she laid.
Finally the water began to shine a bright ruby.

She saw
As her old friend slowly and painfully came to view. ""
It panted as it became upright. She croaked "But... It must've been a flaw,
... A flaw, that you ended up in there. Now it's my duty."

It shook out it's feathers, buttoned its coat and replied " I must go back I fear."
She considered that, and simply stated " It's my dusty to get you out of here."


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