The Qualities Of Cats.

Tue, 04/05/2022 - 08:18 -- 931535

Cats, round balls of fur.

They move only in blurs.


Does my vision deceive?, Godspeed.

A cat zooming by at topspeed.


I only hear it’s shrill voice at night.

It’s meow so loud, it gives me a fright.


It climbs into my lap.

It’s rumbling purr makes me sap.


The soft steps of slow careful paws.

A bird, the prey, hanging from it’s jaws.


A ray of sun shining onto the  floor.

A cat curled inside beginning to snore.


From front to back, side to side.

It bolts and jolts, never stopping it’s stride.


It’s claws aim, ready to strike.

Shredding all it sees and alike.


My hand, my hand…please let go

Your  teeth hurt, you know?


From chair to table…and table to fridge.

Cats, well known acrobats, never miss a smidge.


3am the clock goes off.

It yowls and howls till I fill it’s trough.


Flowing warm water fills the basin.

The cat will enter with hesitation. 


Fur they shed.

Fur on the bed.


A small bump against my leg

A cat ready to beg.



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