A Pit Bull Mix

The first day I saw you begged for you to be mine,

your owner at the time asked if i wanted you,

I screamed excited and said yes,

she place you in my arms,

your body so small yet so warm,

you cuddled closer to me,

as I said my thank yous so many times,

I kissed your forehead, 

Hi Oreo I'm Alyssa your new mom.



I took you to the park,

when the little kids seen you,

they all wanted to touch,

but i wouldn't allow it, 

you are my baby and I vowed to protect you, 

in such short time we took many photos,

cuddle and had a good time, 

now your so big and heavy,

yet your still mine,

in a home full of love,

and a full belly, 

you still climb in bed, 

and we cuddle until the day ends,

I won't know what to do,

without you my loyal best friend.








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