More Than A Glance

Thu, 07/04/2013 - 12:53 -- tweb137


Behind a metal door,

My heart begins to feel sore.

It’s been beating painfully for days,


I’m hoping, just pleading it’s a daze.

Pairs of eyes dart from me to a friend.


I’m just looking for a hand to extend.

One that will reach out and hold me.

I don’t want a foster—I want a guarantee.

I’m so alone….from the world, I’m secluded,

I want a family…where I’m included.


I wonder daily if I will survive,

But don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I’m alive.

But don’t you agree, it’d be nice

If people thought twice.


Not about their phone that just died,

But about the dog that was just denied.

Perhaps if they did,

Animal abuse can stop being hid.


Perhaps if they thought,

Cruelty could be fought.

Maybe, just maybe, I plead,

All of the world’s greed


Could be diminished…

And abuse could be finished.

But until then, I stick my paw through these bars.

The stagnant, depressing air seeps through my scars.


Can I just get a chance?

Don’t I deserve more than a glance?


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