moving forward

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It took me a long time to realize that no matter what you do, you can not please everyone, And that you will only drive yourself crazy trying to accomplish this because it is a task that will never be done.
It took me a long time to realize that there is only so much that you can blame others for, And that if you want to change your life, it is up to you to be the one to close that door.
It took me a long time to realize that we all have things in our pasts that we are not proud of, But in a strange way, maybe these hard times are actually gifts that are sent from above.
I am not going to lie, I am someone who usually thinks New Year's resolutions are dumb, Because why is it that we wait for the calendar to flip to try and change where we come from?
Why is it that it is so easy to forgive other people, but we I have such a hard time forgiving me? That I give myself one chance to get something right, but I give others two chances; sometimes I even give them three.
Trying to do better, but keep choosing the same door. There's nothing but pain here, guess theres a desire for more. Words saying stay, actions pushing to go, go, go.
I've lost my position as Queen at the throne. My king, my life, my home, all slipping away, gone. Your loss, due to the fuck shit you be on. Soon I will sit in emptiness, be isolated and alone.
What's your motive, what's your aime, what's in it for you to gain? Things are adding up leading to more of the same pain. It's insane to stay on this crazy train. I should have just stayed quiet in my own lane.
How long will the bench be our home? No one else is here, I'm sitting alone. Put me in coach, I'll do the best I can. Make us a priority, I am our biggest fan. Obviously, its not an easy choice.
  I'm afraid to fall into my emotions, scared that the pain is too much, won’t STOP.   I've been weak, but remarkable strong. If I hold this emotion in much longer my heart will STOP.
And we are at it again, why do I go back to him out of all men. Just to sit and pretend, like I love him again.  Like he is actually a friend, but worse than letting a stray dog move in.
Demand my bones, their skin without I dyed my hair then tore it out My body begs for company My mind can't silence all the screams I would much rather rot in hell Than put you under another spell
Here it goes My name has been called No, not by my pessimistic professors, Not by my mother’s irritation. It’s being called by a higher being You see, I am but a small piece
This is not an apology, I stand here for the world to see. When life tried to hold me down, I got up off my knees.    The scars that I bear, that you cannot see, do not define me. 
My time has come, my head just hums I knew it was time but only I knew it was mine   The stage was free, it was just me Fear controls me as I always lose,
Ink that you bare so proudly, That mirrors the writing of my mother, Of the Matthew verse she taught me. “So, don’t worry about tomorrow For tomorrow with have worries of its own.
    A Change of Me   As I pace back and forth in an empty room where once was never empty and always full.
 She wasn't the same everyone thought it was a damn shame.  She knew she shouldn't have changed but she didn't care especially because she wasn't scared, Yes everyone cared but they didn't know why she wasn't the same.
One year. So much And yet, nothing Lose my life Lose my mind Lose my friends Lose myself. Move.
I gotta get my head straightI know whats waitingIve been thereÌ`ve stood at hell`s gateInstead of destroyingI`ve decided I`ll try to createtaking the steps to start freshLet`s call it a clean slate
And so it began, back then. I close my eyes, remember, I dream, I forget. Swirling though this space encased with brittle bone. Wanders the essence of myself,
I will never hurt another human being the way you hurt me; Blinded by only what you want me to say and see, Bound to you by a sense of misery. I just can't seem to breathe.
Bloodless   If in designation we find substance, We are neither truly rich nor poor.   I know what you see when you look at me. At least I fear as you.
So many people going away. So many people going separate ways. Long friends, having to make amends. Great memories; Now having to say goodbye. Trying to stay strong and not cry.
Like fresh leaves after a storm frost My feelings for you have taken a set deposit of raindrops Like vivaciously gentle sunshine on a crisp January day My soul is fresh torn away from the threads left by you
Crystals are one of the most amazing and beautiful geological creations we as man kind have found, And I used to agree with them- Until I met you.   A kind, caring soul, You welcomed me with open arms.
You were beauty and you were madness in both of their truest forms. I loved you and I liked you until the fated day came when you crushed me under your heel like putting out a cigarette butt.
You’ve held me back for so long Now I’m so alive Without you I thought I’d fall But look! Just watch I’m flying  
I never asked you for the world. Didn't need you to give me anything but your love... But apparently, I was asking for too much.
The wind whispers to her On which way to go Just follow your heart And the right path will show She finds herself in a thicket patch Cant go forward and can't go back
Sometimes we find ourselves in a very dark place.
Briefly, if as in a dream, a spark ignited golden streams, vibrating at the same frequency, it seems, as the silver gleam harbored in me.   The leaves, they shiver, and depart from branch;
Inception created by conception    Brought this vessel towards direction   On this map with no compass rose     Breathing in uncertainty  
I’m 21 years old. Well, almost.  For these 21 years I’ve done my utmost 
My life is full of love and care but to say it is perfect ...i don't dare, I can't say i am desperatly sad but the lack of happiness drives me mad, I've been very patient all of these years
I was labeled a nothing from the time I was born, No one seen a future in me, so my heart always remained torn. "You're stupid and wont get far in life" is what I was always told.
Draw me a picture of what we could bePaint me a portrait of usSo precious the focus you put in your workLet my love pour out through your brush
The "Road" ahead was chilling,      but my willpower was high. My goals, if God be willing,      Would stretch up to the sky.   In seeming despiration,      I watched it slip away.
It’s price is great, But we have it now.   All through the lives of many, Depression, oppression, work, work, work. We have endured, And so we have earned our freedom.  
Tonight is the night. There is no stopping. After this, it’s all over, and then what are you going to do? You’ll have that paper in your hand, You’ll be done, and where will you go? “No clue” – she says.
I do realize that everything is not all right. However, I decided to go with it. I came to college to get an education. Even though I’m not doing so well, I am still getting educated.
(He slaved, he slaved, he did this his whole life, Man how he just wanted to get it right, But he couldn't because of his pain, He suffered so much with pain, again and again, He could never win,
My heart is waterproof, but they say blood is thicker then water. I'm thirsty but you've ran out, and I'm left here with the cold blood pumping from my heart to my veins... The blood is leaking from where you left your remains...
I'll tell my story You tell yours I don't know what will happen beyond here Whether my eyes will remain dry Whether I'll need a place to hide If I will meet the sky If I will pass and rise
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