Dark Places


United States

Sometimes we find ourselves in a very dark place.

Maybe the moonlight is shining, but our soul is not.

Maybe the sun is shining, but our feelings are hurt.

Perhaps it is winter, summer, fall.

--- Even in spring,

we may find ourselves in a dark place.



Do not forget that it is out of dark, rich soil

that flowers, fruits, and trees arise.

It takes time,

yet sometimes, nature is destroyed without our permission.


It is hard to see what the future holds -

impossible, even, for some or maybe all.


Those are the moments in which we are alive

These are those moments


Now is the time.

And, as we know, "there is only one moment. That moment is now. That moment is eternity."


But, as you live, as you remember your past, as you look forward to your future plans,

you may find yourself in darkness of spirit.


Worry may consume you,

the future may look bleak,

others have seemed to surge ahead, while you are left behind,

waiting, wondering

where is my life?

when is it my turn?


- Perhaps, even,

How do I proceed?


Do not forget that time is on YOUR side.

Time is YOURS and yours alone.

You are alive - and you choose what to do.


And I am here for you. And we are in this together.

And we'll make it out alive. And we'll all die one day.

That is the nature of things.


Out of darkness comes light.

May you see your way into being the brightest star in the sky.

May you be as cheesy as the moon herself,

as warm as the summer sky,

as lush as the rainforest,

as wild as the Lion, King of the Jungle,

as imaginative as the mythical dragon,

and as Bad a poet as I.


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