It’s price is great,

But we have it now.


All through the lives of many,

Depression, oppression, work, work, work.

We have endured,

And so we have earned our freedom.


We have fought long for this.

We fought hard for this.

We have paid with the lives of many,

And so we have purchased our freedom.


Long lines of indescribable things are gone

And we can never find them,

Even with what we have now gained.

And so we have been taunted by freedom.


Though they cannot own us,

They hate us still and press us.

We, the burdened, have been thrown more to carry,

And so we are yoked by freedom.


But our hearts, oh hearts they can never keep.

They could never keep. Could never bring down.

Love, life, our songs, even our work, our deeds

Have not brought us down, but raised us up.

We are high up, beyond anything that can be thrown at us,

And so we are freed by freedom.


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