The Power Poetry Scholarship Slam

I will never hurt another human being the way you hurt me;

Blinded by only what you want me to say and see,

Bound to you by a sense of misery.

I just can't seem to breathe.


I will never belittle a person to nothing like you belittle me;

Suffering in silence, choosing what others would see,

Ashamed of the brand carved into my skin.

These bruises resembled chunks of my soul gone missing.


I will never ignore "no" like you ignored me;

For the power that one little word holds is far too mighty,

In your eyes, mighty like a fallen oak tree.

I am detaching myself from something I refuse to see.


I will never let you silence me;

Your bullets shook my heart, but my mind will still scream.

I will never stop living because of what you did to me.

I will never succumb to my anxieties.

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