Confidence is Silent; Insecurity is Loud

I always thought that if you were the one to back down, it meant that you couldn't take it,

And that if you were the one who chose to walk away, all it really meant that you decided to quit.

I have realized that it doesn't take a lot for someone to explode and end up being the one to snap,

But sometimes you have to take a step back and remind yourself that there are some things that you can't take back.

I have always realized that the ones who feel the need to constantly prove their points are usually the ones who are wrong,

and they also get upset because you know you don't have to set off in order to be looked at as strong.

In all honesty, it takes more to be the bigger person and walk away,

Even though you know you still have so many words left to say.

Even though it is hard, there is no point in arguing with someone who is so dumb,

Because they are the type of trash that will never try and understand where anyone else is coming from.

People like that are the ones who play the victim after the drama that they create,

And they will never understand how they are the ones who sealed their own fate.

It's better to just walk away, because it is not worth stooping down to their level,

And it's ironic how when you do it back to them, all of a sudden you are the one that is the devil.

By letting yourself explode, you are letting them see that they hold some kind of power over you,

But they have no idea who you are and what you have been through.

Being the bigger person is more worth it in the end,

And that you really don't need them to like you or be your friend.

In many ways, you know that this was going to happen sooner or later,

Because you can't be friends with someone who is ultimately a hater.

For far too long I have been wondering what was wrong with me and why this always happens to me,

But I am no longer going to question myself and wonder what else I could be. 

Maybe it is jealousy, because people really try to take advantage of you when you have a good heart,

And they have pushed you so far and have taken advantage of you from the start.

But when you have a lot going for you and have it together, insecure people will always try and bring you down,

But you need to remind yourself of who you are, and to keep moving forward with your head held high, supporting that crown.

I have worked so hard over the past few months to finally start to feel like myself again after two years,

And this was recovering after many sleepless nights and days filled with sorrow and tears.

I don't care who it is anymore, no one is going to bring me back to that place when I worked so hard to get out,

And I am going to continue and grow, and I know this without a doubt.

Even in the moments that are tough, I need to remind myself that karma will eventually get to work,

Because people like you always have one thing coming to them since you are such a jerk.

But I am not going to wish anything bad on you, because that just brings me down to your level,

And I am moving on with my life, and even though I am thrilled you're no longer in it, I am not going to sit here and revel

You are the type of person who is going to be in the same place for ever because you don't even try to get better,

And I am too good to keep dealing with your crap because I am a goal getter.

One day in the future, I can't wait to be a success like I know I will be,

And then the people like you who doubted me and want to see me fail will finally see.

That people like you will always come in last,

Because I am moving on with my life, and you are too busy being stuck in the past.


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