Bench Warmer

How long will the bench be our home?
No one else is here, I'm sitting alone.
Put me in coach, I'll do the best I can.
Make us a priority, I am our biggest fan.
Obviously, its not an easy choice.
Let our love for each other have a voice, make better choices.
Don't block the many blessings in our path.
Me plus you equals one, its simple math.
I wont beg, chase you, or run down.
Passing on us, you must be a damn fool, a clown.
One thing for sure, 2 things for certain.
Your next move will say ticket booked or closed curtains.
I wont wait for you to say I'm worth it, prove it.
You know we mix well, we fit, we turn up in this bitch.
I deserve to be loved and so do you.
Together they dont know what to do with us two.
I love you baby, for real, no counterfeit.
But I cant hang around and take the minimum, we better than this shit.

This poem is about: 
My family


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