Message In A Bottle


Tameara Crespo
6 Helen Drive
United States
41° 36' 48.132" N, 73° 54' 11.502" W

I never asked you for the world.
Didn't need you to give me anything but your love...

But apparently,
I was asking for too much.

Just to be your girl was all I ever wanted.
But that was too much of a task.
For a man with his heart hidden behind a mask,
& stored inside a flask.

So no more will I ask...

Why your breath always wreaked of Hennessy.
And why your heartbeat sounded like liquid spilling into broken glass.

I get it now.

The fact is...
That beer can on the inside pocket of your jacket,
Was the only thing you held close to your chest.

I was the best....

Thing you NEVER had.
And you were the WORSE thing I always wanted.

Better than any Boyz II Men song did,
It was "Hard To Say Goodbye", But ...

Next to Impossible to continue living a lie.

When we never saw eye to eye.
Even when we were face to face.

And I some reason felt alone even when your hands were wrapped around my waist,
So I've begun to questions, whether you're caressing,
The contours of my body was because it reminded you of a bottle?

Well now my heart should feel resistant since it's empty and hollow,
And I bet that even for you, the burning in that truth is hard to swallow.

Blind from that shot glass of a vision you saw through,
You never once realized my heart couldn't be opened with a cork screw.

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