Started from the bottom now I'm here.


I was labeled a nothing from the time I was born,

No one seen a future in me, so my heart always remained torn.

"You're stupid and wont get far in life" is what I was always told.

I believed it for a while  because of the constant scold.

At the age of 19 pregnant  and no future in the air.

I put my future in the hands of welfare.

I didn't have two nickles to rub together

my life and my son life would be nothing altogether.

Crying as the tears fell on my pregnant belly I thought would I ever escape this

hell that I'm living in?

Why did this happen to me was it because I have sinned?

November 3rd, 2008 my world changed for the better as I looked in the face of a blessing.

This blessing changed my world and It had me guessing,

Do what people think of me defy me? No

Can I look my past in the face and say I can make it? Yes

What's stopping me from success? Nothing

From that point on I turned this nothing into something.

Enrolled in college for me and my little one  with no money in my pocket.

God heard my struggles and cry and my future took off like a rocket.

This nothing sure made herself into something.

Going from straight F's to all A's and one B

I set my future and wrote my name in the stars for all my doubter's to see.

I graduated from college on the honors list,

and in the crowd was my four year old boy who showed his appreciation through a kiss.

So where do i stand now  from my trials to tribulations?

Well lets put it like this... I'm currently prepaing mysef in nursing school for my next graduation.

I'm the epitome of "starting from the bottom now I'm here,"

because now i created my future for me and my son and I'm not going back to a blurry past

I'm looking at my future which is clear.

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