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Upon the place fate set aside,  there will be no forget-me-nots. There will be no roses adored in gold, nor any violets or honeysuckle. Cursed is this fate, holding onto the limbs of destiny.
Help me I’m drowning in a sea of voices 
Y'ALL! I presented this poem in 2017 at a talent show and got a standing ovation. If that isn't skills, I don't know what is. Anyways - thought I lost it, then I found it! Please enjoy.  
     Deep, rich purple flowers long, stacky green stems purple flowers reach into the stars droopy, sad petals with vibrent, lively colors frown at the ground from there nodes
Fuego de amor que quema y destruye Fuego, fuego que duele Fuego del infierno que maldice Mata y causa la muerte.  
I realize that I am no longer just imagining it, but I am there I am living in it and not just living- thriving. Taking in the scenery around me I realize
I realize that I am no longer just imagining it, but I am there I am living in it and not just living- thriving. Taking in the scenery around me I realize
Fog is silver, white and wispy Fog comes out when the air is chilly It hangs over cities, farms and houses, It blinds the cars and trains If anything is in fog's way it's swallowed up in misty blankets
Just a Man You may be just a man, but when you're before me Your skin is marbled, your eyes are broken and jeweled
Sculpted hammer of divinity comes down, and My skull is cracked and leaking Adorned by a veil of mourning glories in full bloom Laced, tethered stems joining at the base Soft gentle petals hugging
Here I am again, Bringing all the cold, and snow with me.    Some people hate me, 
I want our love  to disrupt worlds.  I want our love to be tumultuous.  I want people to see us and see two universes 
The cheatgrass stands sparse dry and straight on the hillthe way gooseflesh causes hairs stand uptheir airy delicateness coated in gold leaf by the setting sun
The sun smiled to me. As she gently touch my cheeks, With her loving rays.
In cold and ignorance. I wept for its depart. How cold! How cold! It did intend to break my heart. And standing still, and seeing all last rays be gone; That made all clouds to paint a crimson sketch aloft.
The maple seed hangs tight against the wind But a gust comes through and it can hold no longer It flies, dancing and twirling on the breeze Pirouetting over fields and forests
Sitting next to a willow I recalled, The carefree look that brawled, Heavenly wind passing through my rolls, Making me feel as happy as a calm at high tide;  
Inside where the fire rages, a blasting inferno of a furnace, I hold desperately onto clumps of coal and gasoline— trying to gather all the fuel I can that will blaze way to my future.  
the white of my body more snow than skin ice cold to the touch i know you think i’ll thaw   this ice age has no end my fire stopped burning
There is a puddle On the road by your house I stop to look at the Sky through it’s Reflection. I see you, there In the clouds.
Mason’s garden  Impeccablein placementand in shaping,row on rowof topiaryin greys and reds.
Inspiration has to be courted,  But, like a person infatuated, I lack patience.   I am easily frustrated By the lack of her favor, but  
Memories created are stored in the colors of sky and sea, grass and kitchen counter. Feelings of music and pain are stored in the apple-scented air and sweet breeze of the place I used to be.
drip    drip   drip, crack   drip   drip   drip, puff
the mingled stench of green seaweed and salty waves  cascades the nostrils of the adolescent girl.
Everything has already been said about love.  Even this. I know, but it’s true.  Who am I but a lovestruck child finding my place in a world that is real?
Sometimes, I see it in their eyes. Their irises are green, like a spring day And their pupils black, like a midnight sky.   When they are awake, Their irises are the color of green grass,
Persephone, Queen of the Damned Daughter of Spring A true vegan; Natural blogger Has a garden so elaborate; winter cannot crumple Flowers, Vines, Plants galore A great palace of Earth
Nephthys only ever wants to see the night. The dark, soothing blanket that reminds her of when her mother used to dance in the halls of their home, all rich ebony skin and pearly white teeth and bright eyes. Before she left.
you asked me what I see in your eyes. I could’ve been cliché  and said I saw the sea, but instead I said, that I see a whole world in your eyes. With a fading blue-orange sky and crickets chirping and little children playing outside. With smiles  
your touch it lingersit lingers on my skinyou were so warm I never wanted to give inas tears fall from my eyes now I can finally seeit was never you it was meI want to see youI want to feel 
Tonight may you look upon a winter's scene Snow upon the spruce's green Crystals falling everywhere Dancing through the evening air Oil lamps line the streets A warm orange glow in the chilly breeze
A broken soldier in the quiet night dying to take back the light head high in a losing fight  to hide from those who know   with each swing, a child died not just his, but the one inside
Trying to relax on the night shift I put up the sign, it says we’re closed tonight, nice and bright But they keep knocking at the door Can’t they read the sign?
I stand on the edge of a cliff the roar of the waves beneath me and stare into the night sky it is raining now I scream into the void all of the pain of the past I give it up to the ocean and sky
Shift from high to focus burnhard hat throbs with inner firetoo tight, splits, fallscooling shardsshut down. Regain focus, part hair on rightEngageEngageFuel exhaustedshut down.
Memory defines It always does memories are like lights Sometimes they illuminate the dark nights Or they leave the night tinted dark colors memories sometimes come and go in storms of emotion
The soft green blades graze against my handMy careful ears hear the wind playing so grandMy blind eyes can only see a red blurSome delicious food in my hand I preferThe animals come watch and stare
A love, a memory, a habit, Eyes of lunar luminance and Fiery coldness- This is what I remember, This is what I know.   Urges to spend Unnecessary packages, bottles, and boxes
Blood red lips kiss the mouths of stained glass bottles. Bottoms up, seal it shut with a cobblestone cork. It’s almost religious; it’s almost romantic
the gold and crimson spilled over the grass                         flowers bloom through the snow the sunset was one of the few beautiful things there                         a rural area
Tulips, The color of sweetened cream. Delicate, like the whisper, Lulling you into dreams.    Burning crimson, Cutting through chilled air, Precise on a frozen branch,
Red is fear, Flashing through your eyes as it grows near. Orange is enthusiasm, Delightfully returning the witts of sarcasm . Yellow is happiness,
Thunderstorm in the attic: Nonsensical.   There is a storm in my home. She rips through my hall, growling. The ‘patter’ of rain begins to pummel my oak floor.
just one failure to watch  one fateful soft misstep  can bring a building down  cause chaos to erupt    i looked around for someone  i’m still not certain whom relief flooded my chest
I.   Lines that break on the epitome of sound ring forth like the swells                 ~~~~ of a whale dipping into the sea                                           ~~~~~~~~~  
Patchwork stitching stars in the sky: Blue, green, indigo, violet. Thread is scarce so you have to use mine.
I feel drops of water on my thigh Is it raining? No I could hear it hitting down hard Sobbing, heaving, choking Is it raining? No The sounds are coming from me Balled up on my bed
a pristine splotch of fuschia / a flawless splatter of ruby / the radiant smudges of sunlight pure as a virgin / the poignant aroma of rose petals /
Dear fellow dreamers yearning to satisfy their wanderlust,   I wish I could always be traveling,                                        Adventuring striking royal ocean waves.                              
Dear Ani,   Ani ohev at. Hebrew for "I like you". I struggle at learning languages, Illiterate until the end of second grade, taught myself to read, taught myself to write.
  I. The universe existed for more than billions of years. Planets came and left. Stars burst and lived.
W h o   w o u l d h a v e   t h o u g h t   t h i s   p a s t
Gilded reflections come from your perstine grade Toss that glass of red wine it's not up to your glamor Scarlet spills and runs in an arterial fashon In those twists and turns we'll find a beating heart
I am made of fireworks, and electricity, and chemical reactions. I radiate warmth as strong as a heatwave in the desert. I taste like pop-rocks fizzing on your tongue,
With thine hand,Touch ever so softly,The petals of that delicate roseAnd pluck it not,For out of lustful greed,
In the beginning, I had no idea who you were  You were a mystery that I didn't know existed. Your spell on me began to grow ever more And I know I could not resist it.  
You are crisp summer grass, the crunch of fallen leaves You are dandelion tufts floating on a spring breeze You are the muffled crunch of winter's icy freeze You are the sun and moon, the mountains and seas
It was slow, The crunch of the metal, The small throbbing glow, It made my eyes start to settle.   Most were just screaming,
I want to be the one person who can make you happy everyday…who can put a smile on your face for no reason at all.
Eyes heavy, body trembling, nightmares vast. She's harassed by the forecast of the past. Demons disguised in the form of lovers Until she discovered their true colors. She was used and abused, 
What makes a child innocent? The seafoam blankets he brings to day care everyday The lilac petals she lays her head on a night Curious minds roam the earth searching for forbidden love
He is a body of water I never tiptoe around I plunge headfirst arms firmly at my sides The depths are intoxicating, I breathe all the same
The music won’t stop dancing inside my head.Arrays of jade.Violet.Azure.Onyx and cream.Colors and tastes.Fresh mint.Vanilla icecream.Sharp citrus.Soft cheddar.It lifts and tilts.
leap; slide in the dust of clean floorslow motion, as a rubber band snapand sweet focusin courage; extensions of psycheundulate motion in air; space of starsrelease.hold tendons together; pull tight
As nature takes its course Be willing to catch a wave or two The ship is on its power source Let it sail right on through Travel along on the journey The sights will take your breath away
In a world that is as good as real Charming alike an infant's smile I'm filled with great zest and zeal All like a trance just in a while I let go off those binding strings That entangle and estrange me
Blindfolded, we enter the world. Eighteen years with only the wisdom of our parents On our back, Lacking that which education had promised. Has promised. On our future coffee tables lie
Settling downward, the road’s early haze Unable to see height of trees as I gaze The world now shadowy, and dim, and shy Seamless grey stretches across the chilled sky.  
I wish I had a photographic memory so that my mind could take snapshots  of the vividness before me the collections of saturated thoughts are ever present   I recollect the luminous glow of the heavens
Green, lush grass, humble in its tone Bleeding skies, sunrise, the sun wakes up and moans Brown trees, green leaves, warm breeze, it's here The perfect day, to wash away, all stress, anxiety, and fear
The brain is a marvelous thing full of numerous files from long ago, and yesterday loads of info it compiles   The center of it all, it gives me instructions brilliant mastermind,
Will you return to me, Boomerang I throw Away from me in anticipation. Of your quick return I have yet to know, But it shall to the unfortunate one. Facing the dark forest of no return,
make me, unmake me, unwind me like ribbon, bury me with all that has died before— half decayed children and barely formed youths all me, all not   let petals suture
I don’t know who I am anymore, I can’t distinguish myself from my friends, Who I am doesn’t even matter, Because we’re all pawns in one giant chess board,
The heart aches as if the skin has touched boiling water. The cries of the child pierce the ear of a struggling mother. The father has moved on with the daughter. Leaving his old love, and
It's only in my dreams that I say what I mean, because I think too much when I feel too much-- or too little, and I find myself forgetting how to breathe, while I wander aimlessly inside a prison of dream.
There's so much in my mind that I don't understand, things that I should let go, instead of burying in my head.
Her smile glowed as she passed by with that yellow dress of hers. The ruffles that flowed down her body so sweet it captured the eyes of few but the hearts of many. She was a dancer. Ballet had been her life.
Our nation is based off of simply education. Children began as small as five years of age. Stuck in a classroom all our lives. Made fun of or excepted as who we are. Hurt or made whole.
The flames die out. Ghostly traces of red and orange and purple haunt the sky. The last moments of light cling to the clouds as the weight of the sun is dragged down. Resting place. Somberness rises with the moon.
You went down to play? That's their game of night or day Gents’ swig, gals’ sway Six nights to sin, 7th to pray    
The weather outside was violent. Yet my mind stayed tranquil. I stepped on the front step and everything felt yellow. It is wierd how the cold can feel so at home. Then, I looked back in my window and saw blue.
Beds   From deflated air mattresses to beds so big not even a pillow and a body could fill it   From lush green jungles
she was not a creator of words but instead it was as if a library thrived within the threshold of her mind each book; a different memory helping her form the most intricate of phrases. no
The thoughts put in words and the words giving thought, A cycle of emotion, As put by Frost.   The emotions run sweet, Through my body like cream; An unreal sensation
It is my unalienable right to not be here right now. I’m entitled to the pursuit of happiness and this isn’t it.Maybe stars get lonely too,Thousands of miles away from their closest friendMaybe they are sick
  Waves are rolling with rhythms of blue. Bubbles surface with an off white hue.  Sun beams down, no clouds in the way. Salt in our hair for a multitude of days.
I love the spring mornings, when the warm breeze kisses me as the stars are going to sleep  I get lost in the many melodies that the birds sing  I laugh at the way that the sun has to shine so brightly because it loves to be the center of attentio
Ah, the...”age old” question. If you suddenly became Tom Hanks in one of the movies that he surely has pasted onto his résumé by now, but you got to take one thing with you, what personal item would you take?
  Sing. Sing your note, That sonorous, twin-cam tune that makes all of my kind— That makes all of our hearts beat that much harder.   Let me fling you around.
I wish I were among the stars There is better than where we are I'd shine above the world below And sparkle when I wanted so Down here on solid ground there's hate Life comes with all this stress and weight
Electric addictionI feel it come to meIt enters my veinsIt pulses straight through me. My blood now is stainedby this sonic addictionWith reason I tryto decide my conviction This, the one thingthat dizzies my mind...Allowing me toLeave the real wo
Black sand, burning my feet On this island of pestilence I stand Each step, a searing heat But only my heart will it brand.   Around me, I am surrounded by dead foliate
How can love be sweet like a summer's day, When it will always leave a bitter taste? Capturing and blinding mystified prey, Defeating mesmerised loves in the chase. It smothers the heart in an icy grip,
Today was different, I didn’t feel like I was drowning In a sea of my own tears.   The cold grip of shackles That encompassed me No longer bound me To regret or remorse.  
And in the end, when the stars have all collapsed and blackholes rule the skies, when the sun dies and the moon can no longer reflect its vibrant light, when the seas take over the shores
Undress Me! My lips are thick and full; although smaller than the alluring marshmallows that sit on Asabea’s and Ama’s faces.
The whisper of cloth Followed by a dull thunk— Siting down. The flutter of paper like a butterfly’s wings; Clicks of pens like gunshots. Heads bobbing like whack-a-mole Taking notes—
Walking in summer is swimming, legs cutting strokes through mid-afternoon heat and humidity. Dappled shade on the sidewalk
I. In All Likeliness   The overweight mid-forties man, In the blue button up and beige cardigan, Pacing between the arrivals board and baggage claim,
I wander a street, Admiring the buildings to either side. A diverse collection of history In two-by-fours and I-beams.  
Pretty Little Lady, with your roses and your scars, Pretty Little Lady, with your eyes as bright as stars, Pretty Little Lady, with your bruises and your laugh, Pretty Little Lady,
I am the white flag Winds permeating my face in the coldest way I stand, stll. Wavering with doubts once in a while I question my existence. I am here. Now. I am resillient
I dream a never ending story. The message is still not clear on this very morning. I am soaring over the valley safe from harm. I defy gravity, wind beneath each arm. Steady in flight I continue to soar.
i tripped today, somewhere between the road and paddy's grave, alone in the thickets and dusky heather, and in the silken morning fog.   the blackbird listened as i sat and cried.
Retreat, regroup Wind pummels rocky water, Kinetic greets potential, Bearing down on the steadfast shore.   Prequel of froth Turbulent and tumultuous, Echoed in the susurrus of spectators,
Being sick to me, iswaking up due to that small subtle crease in the bed causing
My life is a book of knots. feel free to read through them and watch me rot see I tried to die but I got caught  and I loved more, so much I thought
Frizzy ringlets of hair, tamed into thick braids. Slick hair, down to your waist, blowing everywhere. Too-long bangs, constantly pushed out of your face. Loose curls limp and beautiful.
You Ever-changing A roller coaster. An infinite storm. Wild hair (Frizzy and brunette) framing tame eyes. (Ice blue) Bright clothes. (You love bold sweaters)
Your eyes Like fire Swirling, Clawing, Grasping, Falling and rising again. Shooting away sparks, dying and rising again. Twisting, Tortured, Dying.
3/30/2010, age 15, school project   Fire, but a simple flame, kindles in the night. Slowly, it consumes the trees like waves of the ocean.  It breaks the bonds that create them, that make them whole. 
12/1/2011, age 17   A shining star, a cute kitten; All are beautiful, all are bright. How is one to avoid the beauty Of the earth? You cannot say that laughter is bad
Long mellow strides carry him along the shiny tile floors, with the bright warming sun burning through the slits of the curtains.  A new day is brought upon us.
no mouth can cry out in praise
She wrote stories to keep her warm at night Some nights they were blankets curling around her toes and cradling her neck Other nights they were kindling in the meager fire at her feet
The light, the light, it is oh so bright As I run around in the yard with my kite. He talks to me while he is in the sky "Hey" I said, he replied with "Bye". I started to plea "I need you to stay!"
A rough grinding sound;
  Universal infinite, as strung upon the stars  Collapsing voids, swirling masses of rock and gas, slowly losing solid grasp Drifting into worlds where the unknown dominates a presence of oxygen
Ode to books
Together we walk hand in hand feet tingling on the soft silky sand. Her smile brighter than the sun.
A tree on stage watch me grow, but i guarantee not a sellout show.
The blood seeps in Through the cracks on the walls And it penetrates  Into my spirit Evolving my state Into a more impeccable union   Listlessly it closes in On the lion
I feel the calming waves Lapping at me Through the bright Blistering sun And stealing away Every ounce of innocence  I once possessed   I have never felt so distant From reality
The sun is hot, the wind is low and soft against your face. The trees are green, their shadows tall and cool in their embrace. The grass is bright, the flowers vivid, and swaying in the breeze.
I just want to make a name for myself, a passion to support myself. This shy soul has words never spoken before, In my mirror these words are constantly repeated, "You're so much more."
THE REAL HER UNEDITED!!   Once a pon a time  From as far back as i could remember there was a girl  
i She wanted to be my
speaking in dead terms
Flashing gems mount the noble crown  Dashing passions paint the milky gown  Pulsing plights sound within the hue-ringed hole  Convulsing fashions taint the beautiful soul   
The movement in the trees, The falling of the leaves, The change of this season - Looks similar to the changes near me   Visually represented, The world surrounding my being,
Dear Branches, Gnarled and twisted. Dear leavess, Brown and rotting, We give thanks to thee, Dear tree For through thee Our family lives vicariously. Though dead and gone,
the small ant that crawls
We were like the flower He gave me on that day. Colorful, blossoming, Full of life in every way.   This flower smelled so sweet; Was tall and full of beauty. And to keep it that way, 
There is a world yes where a mouse can talk and ride a floating carpet
A field Of untrimmed berries Lies in darkness; As a rust-redpickup Lumbers in, Sleep-eyed children Clutching Mommy Wait For something only they can hear. It gathers,
I am a body.
Spring, a time filled with joy,
I close my eyes.   I want to see The canopy of oaks Dancing together        Swaying Their mossy branches Back and forth To their natural rhythm   I want to smell
I've yet to swim in the darkest depths, for I never want to stay on the surface.
I watched shadows dance on the wall last night.They told me the stories of their every plight.And I cried, because it reminded me that I was alive;That when they stopped, I’d have no place to hide.
I love the way these words sweetly caress my mind at night,   "I love you"   Like a gentle breeze that flips my hair Or the golden rays of sun which warm my soft lips
I never felt more alive than
I watched as I walked the city Everywhere I see different things Nothing lies before me Not one second, munite and hour   Are you there? Inside of me? I'm lost and I need you
Fifteen ways to die
The burger looks scrumptious and you want to buy that hat
Look at the glistening waves, gliding in and out
As the sun rises from its resting place
Looking up into the sky into the endless blue seeing all the clouds passing by the green balloon bright and new The little girl was shining with glee this was pur happiness 
She had a Janere cat with fat and iggly paws and every time he spoke, he flashed his great white jaws.
Take my hand feel the warmth emitting from the sand  as ashes burn I will learn not to break Fragile soul, what more could be at stake? Oh dear one, don't abandon me Oh dear one, hear my prayer  
When I was your age, The sky was purple The geese were green and flew home for winter. When I was your age, The sun set blue and rose from the watery deep and vibrant maroon. When I was your age,
The breeze, so warm and pleasant. The flowers, so beautiful and colorful. The voices of the kids playing across the street, so cute and heartwarming. The sound of the ice cream truck, so inviting and addicting.
Frozen.  The fear inside me wanders around. floats around. Like a leaf in the wind. The despair inside me weighs me down. Sinks me down. Like a anchor dropped at sea. The cold inside me consumes me. Eats me. Like a starving man.   I am blue as the
Give me your hand. You feel that vibration in my chest? That's called a heartbeat, and as long as that machine is pumping that red matter through my veins, it goes through to my brain,
Don't leave. Just don't. Stay close to me. Be patient and gentle, then you'll see. Get to know me. I have layers upon layers of thought spent on who I am. There's contradictions.
It's so hard for us to operate. We're broken machines. There must be a kink in our wires, or rust in our rings.   Tarnished metal and bent-up parts. You're my tin man and I'm your tin girl.
I like to let my imagination run wilder with every darker shade of the night sky, as the sunset melts away onto the other side of the world, like sherbet ice-cream left on the counter for too long.
This thing of love, of loving and being loved. It consumes me in the gentlest of ways,  softly washing over me until I've been covered up; a blissful drowning. I've become willing to risk hitting a shelf 
I am like the phoenix. When I burn, I burn with passion. I engulf in pain and sorrowful lessons that twist the flames in a cyclone of radiant, red, rotating fire. The hard way.
The things i go through cause me too, remeber why I, need to be sharper than knives. Brighter than crayola, addicting like Coke, Addicting like coke, A, Cold adolescent addressing, the things in my thoughts.
She stood, hair lapping in the frigid night air, at the coast. The rocky barrier separated the gravel road from a smooth, black and lapping bay. It was pitch black, like thick coffee with grinds that managed to escape into the brew. Lapping.
The rain dropsnot from the clouds,but from the Heavens above.They drip from the treetopsand drop from each branchand nestle into leaves,glisten on webs woven tight fromspiders at night,
In the darkness of the room I hear your still, cold breaths I hold a candle light infront of my broken body I uncover the mask you hide behind   Discovering something wild You are standing there
Be Yourself There’s only one thing I can tell you, Sis— Be yourself. But be yourself in Christ. You are a temple, a glorious dwelling,
He said he had a dream She said she wasn't going to move He said I'm for truth no matter who tells it They had a vision years beyond their time One that wouldn't submit people of color to a life of hardship
  The passion is God given But hidden... Until a peak of blue grey above a hill was ridden, In early morning commutes.   It burst – the makings – like swollen paint,
Rain Sweetly, the rain falls on my yearning face. Softly, it tumbles and fills the air. Who can stop this gentle waterfall?
Smile or pain Which will it be to speak with a voice or let action take the lead   Should I go south, through a maze I know around or should go north to maze that looks unbound  
  climb               down toward            shame thought           burning why I bother trying? angels             never wait                 above drag                from
Praying mute prayers; Prayers of which God refuses to hear. Speaking life yet swallowing death whole. Hell's Angel. Not in JET yet a true beauty. Not disfigured but with a figure that's crippling.
It is a filthy charge for the igniting of our tars papaya lips taste like        lime           salt              and chilies parted in popular positions they speak like a ring master artist
Cigar smoke, possibly from Belgium, wafting through the air.   Children’s laughter; the chime-like sound of babbling brother and sister, perhaps.   A thin silhouette
Pulling my hair into a pony tail I slip on my shoes And out the door   I’m greeted by a cloudy sky The air is thick from last night’s storm Breathing in the morning air, I take One step
We walked hand-in-hand Through the woods With the sun at our backs The air tasting like salt And the sound of water hitting rocks, We approached the lake. It's funny, I'm the size of an
I lay here writing the words I can't say And the longer my mind fights wondering and wanting to say hey- And the longer we go without a word, this becomes a never ending day
I have rotted in the ground Beaten by the howler’s hounds Galvanized another bound And, I escaped it
Maybe one day we’ll take a trip to find a space island or maybe a star island where we can sit for a little while or maybe all the while all while tending a garden and the pet cow, 'cause don’t you want a pet cow?
My name is Syed. It means leader in Arabic. I was named after the many respected Muslim leaders before me. Yesterday my name was reserved. Tomorrow my name will be outgoing. In my dream my name was optimism.
Why is the rose so beautiful? In life and death. It glistens, frosted by the morning tears that gently fall away, to die? Or do they help start life down deep in the roots of thought.
the rain is pouring an old man sits on a bench in an open field and looks up at the sky he reaches for the shovel he begins to dig
We are perpetually, habitually tip-toeing through life always struggling and grappling with is this wrong or is this right? They all force us to whisper when our instinct is to cry, to cry out at Injustice
as the sun rises, fiery cracks on the moonlit sky the cold breath of morning is washed away leaving the sweet silhouette of stars to fade
Why is strife so memorable? It seems our struggles are painted on our wings As we fly to the destination of our dreams We can remember the murky water Traveled in and the time that clarity evened
‘Tis sweet thither sun, atop th’ wavèd sea. Lone candle in darkness, from whence it hath risen.
What is a body but from dust is flesh? 'Tis purposeful to carry every soul, O'er life we sail, traverse with burdens set, [This skeleton!] This ship! The cracks are felt from deck to hull.
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