Lines that break

on the epitome of sound

ring forth

like the swells                 ~~~~

of a whale

dipping into

the sea                                           ~~~~~~~~~


Upon the lips

of noiselessness

is a shore

of breath

of pause,                          ~~~


but not

of quiet

or rest-

in fact

a restlessness

overturning the calamity

of the clouds above


watching the earth

turn beneath them

abstract and

complex in their shapes.






A word spoken

is sound gone

but a word written

is stone

is age

is fresh


coats of paint

diluted with water                                      ~~~~~~

and deep wells                              ~~         ~~



to be not

what they once were

but still

to that purpose.


What is learning

if it is learnt, but not taught

or taught, and not learnt?






It becomes

pages that scroll past                                  ~~~~~

the sounds of water                      ~~~~~~

and the beating

of sunrise

the taking of breath

from the coldness of stars

that points in

a direction


that, once stepped into,

releases one into a willful current                         ~~~~

striking out to the abyss of sea                  ~~~~~~            ~~~~

without mind for human fragility-

and yet, it holds many promises               ~~              ~~~          ~~~~       ~~

for daring its depths,                                  ~~~       ~~~~      ~~~~~~ 

awaiting                      ~~~~~

those willing     ~~            ~~~~     ~~~~~~~

to let go                    ~~~~~~~~    ~~~~                ~~~~~~~~

control      ~~~~






and what is control,

but the will



and yet, there is

a misunderstanding     ~~~~~~~     ~~~

between my- self

and world- self

that the two must be


when really                     ~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~~

they grasp

                                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~

at each other and


for the same


intertwining                                                ~~~~

as molecules of               ~~                                     ~~~~

water in the ocean,

as waves curl and bob                  ~~ ~~ ~~  ~~~

over one another,

seemingly aimless


depth leading

to more depth,                              ~~                       ~~~~                                ~~~~~~~

currents searching

for the ends

of their meter,                                                           ~~~~~~~~~~

some finding

and lapping

over the shore                

                           ~~~~                  ~~~       ~~





And the wisdom

of eyes and tongue

even in those moments

of mixed

languages that squander

the opportunity

for clarity,                                     ~~~ ~~               ~~~

is in itself

a beautiful,                                                                ~~~~~~~~~

bountiful diligence;


the sea leaping up

obliged to fling itself

wondrously against the cliffs

too high to glide over

subdued to cutting away

the base of the rock

to finally ravage

its peak; a task which,

even once dived into

fully takes time,

with many stories     ~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~         ~~~~~                  

layering and

churning                 ~~~~~~~                     ~~~~~             ~~~~~~

into        ~~~~                                  ~~~~~~              ~~~~~

the                      ~~~           ~~~                          ~~~~~

erosion.         ~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~                             ~~~~~~~



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