Wilted Rose Revived

Eyes heavy, body trembling, nightmares vast. 
She's harassed by the forecast of the past. 
Demons disguised in the form of lovers 
Until she discovered their true colors. 
She was used and abused, 
Even though she refused. 
History has come back to haunt her.  
In a blur she's transferred to where the pain occurred. 
Physique matured before her years. 
He smears his body on hers as if the message wasn't clear. 
Frozen in fear, out flows the tears. 
Drained, pinned down,
Her expression blank now, hoping for a way out. 
But her pleading is to no avail. 
Face pale, body frail. 
If her life is Hell
Then damn she wears it so well. 
Her tears like cold diamonds on her face,
Wishing she could erase every embrace. 
And he'll never admit to his evil. 
He'll blame it on her intelligence and beauty being lethal. 
She relives this moment on the circuit of her brain,
Detained by her pain. 
Eyes heavy, body trembling, nightmares vast. 
Chilling cold shivers cast 
Over her like frost on a winter rose. 
And as she lay petrified the pain grows. 
Thoughts screaming, head spinning, spiraling. 
Emotions keep piling. 
Her demon is in the shadows lurking,
Yearning to provoke her hurting. 
But then she sees it clearer,
it's just her standing in the mirror. 
Her past has passed though the memories are very present. 
She'll one day embody the essence
Of creating a new blessing from past unpleasant lessons. 
Through the tribulations and trials, the lows and highs
Again she will rise. 

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