You are More

Universal infinite, as strung upon the stars 
Collapsing voids, swirling masses of rock and gas, slowly losing solid grasp
Drifting into worlds where the unknown dominates a presence of oxygen
As much as this exists, you are more.
Crevices untouched by agents of man, beast, or weather
Underneath tons of salted, diluted, polluted water
Time defined by the unreachable and vast expansion of curiosity
As much as that exists, you are more. 
The snows that fall gently into powdered kisses or masses unmovable by a simple nudge
Floods that follow afterward in a series of tears and inpatience 
Sliding earth cracking forth pressures risen from the grave of buried grievances 
As much as these exist, you are more.
More than the sand eroding to give all of itself to the sea
More than broken limbs from fragile trees that must grow anew
More than the sun as it sets to the revival of the stars
More than hot pavement after a chilled, dead winter ice
More than the kalidoscope of leaves swirling past a dazed fall glow
More than knowledge, sex, and peace
More than pictures locked up in books sealed in a lamination
More than death, illness, categorical definitions, states of being, and release
More than petty argument, judgment, and critique
More than unique, sweet, considerate, and loving
More than Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, English, Arabic
More than fragments of sound arranged in melodies to portray an idea
More than the shy eye contact, or the watching from afar
More than observation when moods shift and craft a thought
More than hurt, pain, precision, and accuracy
More than strategy and the heated rebuttal in defense
You are more. The laugh you give, the smile you create, the tears that you hold, and the time that you wait. You are more than the universe's infinite to me. 
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You are so Earthy. I love this.

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