Mon, 01/16/2017 - 21:30 -- Soko

Green, lush grass, humble in its tone

Bleeding skies, sunrise, the sun wakes up and moans

Brown trees, green leaves, warm breeze, it's here

The perfect day, to wash away, all stress, anxiety, and fear

A teen who goes to school, and works and lifts and trains

But bored and uninspired, has worry in his veins 

Girls and drugs and alcohol, definently are exciting

How long can he stay on track, for evil is inviting

Something new, something joyful, in need of a savior

Found a white ball, a beautiful day, to alter his behavior

Summer, so much time, opportunity for good and bad

A good friend, a day on the green, saves him from the life he almost had

Happy in his sanctuary, says no to booz and weed

It's fabulous on the gorgeous course and hanging with friend in time of need

A little something, Palmer Hills, will guide him to success

A little joy, a little freedom, stress relief, nothing less

Another teen saved, but he asks one to be wary

For the path of evil can cause upheaval, go find your sanctuary 








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