In Memoriam

I speak to the void;

The void that culls us;
That plagues Earth with Dark.

Which extinguishes soul’s rare resplendence.


I address the fear;

The fear in our hearts.

Unsure if our troubles--

Are truly shared, I assure you they are.


I call upon the Devil;

Tempter of lost hope,

Wrecking purity--

You fickle, pathetic Lord of Hades.


Youth gives foundation,

A woven chrysalis

Experience makes.

But you fell, tragedy before the bloom.


You would have emerged,

The beautied creature,

Wings spread far and wide-

Fully formed, faint remnant of the crawling beast,\


Oh, what sadness I face--

I who hardly knew thee;

I return to call upon Guidance --

Whatever unearthly force that may be--

Guidance gave me hope, and never again shall someone not share it with me


-W.B. October



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