Live for It

I feel drops of water on my thigh

Is it raining? No

I could hear it hitting down hard

Sobbing, heaving, choking

Is it raining? No

The sounds are coming from me

Balled up on my bed

Alone and suffering

Craving for anyone to care enough

On the outside, my life seems perfect

but deep down I'm unhappy

Family and friends

They add to the darkness

They don't understand

They can't see me hurting

He comes along

He's my sun

He understands my pain

Comforting and compassionate

With him, I have a chance of being fully happy

He puts me first and sees my sadness

I love him

He loves me

I know I can be happy

I'll keep trying, I want to live

I'll pour my heart out into my art

I'll pour my heart out into my words

I'll pour my heart into him

I want others to feel emotions

To be happy, sad, or angry

We all deserve to feel something

We have something to live for

I live for my art and love

No one can take me away from him

You can't take away my passion. 

I will fight through the pain

I will triumph 


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