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Learn warNo more....Mark Toney © 2018.6/22/2018 - Poetry form: Footle
I spent my whole life looking two steps ahead in hopes that I might meet you sooner Mr. Alright The one to make me feel alright As if you were just beyond the next horizon Waiting around every turn
Sunday afternoon in the middle of August. Sun lounging high in the sky. A cloudy menagerie decorates her home. I walk down to the river Hear the boats passing by A roar of engines and water
I’ve come to notice On the days we scream the loudest Our pleas have no ear to fall on Yet a whisper of success can be heard for miles   I’ve come to notice that there is no such thing as wasted tears
That I shouldn't write my poetry about the curse I know as love? Each time I have written a poem about a "Lover" that it goes to the stagnant waters; the same green grass or moss that has shattered me each time I jump from that bridge.
Do you know the importance of teachersThat question is a lesson in itselfHow do you learn to achieve wealthReceive a doctorates or even a black belt There’s a great teacher aroundGreat with a ball or maybe a wrenchThere’s a great teacher aroundPre
I am well aware that I am no stranger to mistakes. In truth, no one is, but this is how we learn and to be afraid of mistakes is to be afraid of the possibility for growth.  
I was born then I grew for what reason is I Me. The pondering moment I he the. Spoilers are friends that have ahead of time knowledge. Be of me my love forth life I be the viewer strength of dreams.
When Friday nights become Saturday mornings. The dew glitters on the grass like a fallen chandelier, casting shards of liquid sun. Coals burn in the fire sending smoke crawling towards the sky.
Since being grown up, I read more now. Not just for fun but,  to learn lore and how this world is run.   This all began in 2015. When Trump ran,  and I was eighteen,
It is not that deep It will cool you off It makes my hard shell become soft The dangers of the big blue The one that cleanse you
Late at night, the broken spirits sit on barstools, hunched over the counter like question marks They ponder their place in this world They drown their sorrows in bourbon to escape the outer flood attempting to engulf them
Our passions go out Not with a bang but a whimper Not with a whimper but a whisper Not with a whisper but a shout
Everyday my eyes burst open. Everyday I become someone new. The person I was yesterday when my eyes closed is now gone,  and he teaches me how to change. I was not perfect yesterday,  nor am I today.
Lead.  To lead and to guide To show and experience and be the light Taken under your wing I am thrown  into a new, alien world in which  everything screams 'opportunity'
Time gives time for time to move on from the things time has put into play in a haste it has placed the time for mistakes the time to erase what was said when you laced into ears into eyes into hearts with your lies we have tried to misplace the d
Dear Poetry, I used to wanna run away, To hide the words inside. But, then you taught me how to say All the things I've pushed aside.
What is the point of this? Spending hours upon hours pondering: what shall I write? what words shall I use? does the rhyming matter? does it have any use? Maybe it doesn't matter,
See what can't be seen; Do what can't be done. Touch what cannot be touched, Along a sikened road, I did. This was my escape. My haven. My place.
She is mellow, creating what I saw as ordinary; The loving, ebony colored tree tugged tenderly at the velvety skin of my collar. She whispered gingerly in my ear as I clung to my fragile and flimsy, tattered journal.
Learn to empathize, learn to write, learn to write your feelings out of spite Learn to laugh, learn to cry, learn to look through another pair of eyes Learn to fall, learn to stand,
Dear Almost lover,    I'm writing this because I never got closure. It's been awhile since we've talked and I think it's time for a disclosure and I don't want to be mocked.   
Dear Change,   I used to embrace you. My young self loved you. You came often and always had a good outcome. Middle school, high school, softball teams. You were there for all of it.  
You are a Worthless piece of shit Who doesn't get a hint Thinkin' that you repent When all you did was reset The time forward, expecting some respect--   Are you a fuckin' idiot?
You had me fooled to think that you were right about everything.  But no you were trying to convince me to your side. Or at least the side you thought was right.  We are all wrong in different ways.
Listen, kid. What I'm about to say is important, so put the book down for once. I know you don't like looking people in the eye when they're talking to you, and neither do I.
You may be hard sometimes, But not always are you this way. You may make me cry and shout, But still I laugh and smile.   You may weigh my shoulders down, Burdensome you can be.
It requires caring, like love needs honesty to grow. We are the seeds of love which need to sprout But only with the right tools, will it flourish and go about.   Soil is how a rose gets nourished
 Toxic thoughts arrive uninvited   Memories of love unrequited Undecided on what’s there for me, I wonder why you weren’t  there for me Everyone said, “Tread carefully”, I was running on ice and never knew I fell in
Wake up! Cling to the hours of the day, You're going to wish you had laid Down sooner, before the sun said hello.   Pace, faster, keep from running disaster, You're final goals you're after,
There was an evil stepmother named Tuition Her daughters Loan and Debt were on a mission My Fairy Scholarship broke the fall And I met my Prince Degree at the ball But when the clock struck 12 I lost ambition
There are many times I've found to have defined me as an adult, but I myself did not perceive the state of my affairs. But the day I delivered my Athena I seemed to grow the grayest of my hairs.
Something deep in my stomach wants to throw up raw blades but my thighs are already covered in blood. So people can see I’m alive, I plant a peach tree underneath bullets in my skin. She didn’t deserve my touch.
While I feel that we should remember the past learn from it mourn it grow from it No one else remembers how. So we drown
All I ever wanted was to love. To learn from past people's progress To open my mind to new ideas To vizualize a world unknown To eventually create my own.  
I was taught how to love but not how to stop. I was taught how to dream but only round the clock.  I was taught how to eat but not how to be petite.  I was taught manners but not the standards.
Each morning starts with a spark “Thank-you” as each foot steps onto the floor Remembering that days are better Starting with gratitude  
Far to near  Near to far blurred faces  blurred possiblilities.   Blurred faces lost dreams. Blurred faces  lost opportunities. Blurred faces lost memories.  
I lost myself. Why? Why do you do this to me? Constantly blinding my eyes, clouding my mentality, forcing my heart to beat faster. Why? Why do you allow this to happen?
I want to close my eyes and breath in the salty spreads of the seas arms wrapping warmely around me.I want to feel the vivid taste of exotic sounds on the pusle of my soul
Hello Darkness,
  need you because it takes the two of us, To move smoky mountains and conquer forbidden fountains, remember… I need you because it takes the both of us,
I walk into the library, but I do not read.I make lists and lists for someone else to read.They may read it on time, or they may read it late.Am I a student or a teacher? I walk into the classroom, ready to learn.But sometimes I don't.I carry pape
Living without learning everyday would be crazy, If it was gone we would all seem lazy, It means so much in life because it is the only way, The only way we know how to do besides pray,
Calculus, multiple algebras, and more English than one could ever want I think I know enough But it's nothing to flaunt Am I just a bluff? I know math equations and I know sentence structure
Many different people like lots of different things. Some like fame, or TV. Others like rain when it goes Drip drip drop Down on your window.
Need gets confused with want You ask me about it, and I can’t respond For need changes in time
  With each passing second I am never the same person I was moments before.
God I don't know how to pray I do'nt know what to do I don't know what I believe But I know I want to believe in you Please help me to believe Reveal yourself to me Show me
Holding my wooden basket, Fingers splintering, Walking through the apple orchard, Feet blistering.   Birds echo their symphony overhead, Then my ears catch a muffled noise;
I'm Daniel at warFacing the tallest of the GiantsMy rocks won't reachMy voice muffled in the echoes of silence
I hear it stumble in the door  Crash!  a drink splills into the hardwood as  glass shatters  my body flinches in shock shoulders quickly rise    pungent smell musty with a little spice
There's something beautiful about the man who leaves, knowing more about himself. Knowing more about the world. Knowing more about you. About me. Never knowing about the man next to him, and yearns to.
I'm here to be born. I'm here to learn how to speak. I'm here to learn how to walk. And I'm here to learn not to be weak.   I'm here to listen to music. I'm here to listen to the birds.
f(x)=a(ng+el)*r[e(y-e)^s] I am a complex math function  that you cannot understand. So, what do you do first? Step 1: Factor completely. Extract my primes and variables, 
The Wander is a nomad with a purpose. The Wander walks without fear. I hold my heart close, knowing I can trust the tides of the waters rather than lips. The Wander is free.
I fall, I rise.  I make mistakes, I live. I've been hurt, but Im alive. I'm human. I'm not perfect, but I learn.  I've encountered hardships, but im thankful. 
my father is a man of many colors. on the nights when the moon stays asleep, he lotions his palms with pomegranate juice.   the sugared blood pools in the creases of his skin and stains it India’s red.
my brother has broad shoulders and a straight back. he is a pillar of stone and a slab of concrete, the way he marches around the house.   he has hair the consistency of canvas and his laugh
I thought I was the flawless  in the past. But now I realize that with the critiques and the mistakes I've made,  I am flawless with a cause.   I am flawless because I have flaws on the outside that teach me.
Water runs so slow Patiently cutting a path I am unstoppable
Concrete blocks on the sidewalk A bounce in every step A beam for each passing face A passion firing to every heart A simplistic reminder
When I dared to finally take my own steps, and when I dared to go my own direction, I found and learned about myself without the intention.   I left my home country and studied abroad
  I honestly don't know Know What? I don't know if people learn from dying But if you die, then you can't think; you're brain dead That's common wisdom Of course! Your brain has rotted  
A bird cannot leave the nest Without first learning to fly A parachute without hot air Will never reach the sky.   A rocket without fuel Will miss it's chance to meet the moon
Make mistakes. So many of them. So many so that one day you can look back and it and smile and say. I did it. I made it.
I am not the one who can walk into a room and be the center of attention I am not the one who will be voted as prom queen I am not the one who was born with a silver spoon I am not the one who is seemingly perfect
There’s an herb, drug, machine for everything that needs help.But what about the moment I need help breathing during your questions?
One foot in front of the other,
I want to go back, Back in time. When God created the world. I want to see Jesus with his disciples at the Passover. I want to see Him rise from the dead.   I want to watch Moses
school rules right i mean i guess noone ever knows, what is school really about people come for friends relationships and family but they never consider that an education
People do not see what is in front of them
If I could gain the courage, I’d learn how to change myself. Not because I think there’s something wrong with me, but because I know that I can become better.
Education is the key Learn, discover, explore and play So that you can be who you want to be   Education is a privilege Not everyone has the chance Just look at a third world village  
I look out onto the world,A broken, world full of hate,Changing minds and people unsat,
Brisk coldness  Forgotten and Ignored Muddled in a mess But never alone
Dream to help, Help to make dreams To be before other pushing, Toward their life. I wish to teach and  and make it possible to change the world Change the world by making
A great man said once “Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.” Many people have many dreams, and many dreams are to serve others. I am selfish. I wish to be served.
The world IS my classroom, and I will watch the world learn.  
For four long years The students sit and stare At the walls of the school Asking why they are there
It's hard to explain feelings To someone who hasnt experienced them. It's hard to explain what silence sounds like Without having first heard a sound. All of these feelings we try to disguise,
The busy hustle across the sidewalks makes a walk turn into a shuffle.   Going from class to class is nothing short of a puzzle.   As I make my way through the crowds, I've never felt so alone.
It' ok to cry you learn to smile a little harder
Sometimes being quiet is the best way to learn. Like its always been said open your ears close your mouth, open your eyes and see what others cant.
  once, twice, again
Teacher's lie when they say "there's no stupid questions!" Cause when I ask they get mad and yell at me for not paying attention. We have to sit through hour long lectures,
Ms. C, my favorite thing about writingIs taking time to really decode it,But in your class I’m frequently fightingWhen you imply that all our thoughts are shit.You lecture us, but last year Ms. K taught.
I'm finally here. I've waited, Day after day, And year after year. To sit in a class, Where an instructor is not concerned With keeping up appearances. Miss doesn't play Angry Birds.
  When thinking of things I shouldn’t say To teachers to tell them my feelings I purse my lips to hold back thoughts And roll my eyes to the ceiling   If I could tell you how I feel
Hey, you, at the board With your hands on your hips. You, in the front, The lesson on your lips. Stop. Listen.   Teach me something important,
I go to school almost everday, each day to learn. Your job is to teach us, use that degree that you have earned. You tell us that you care, but when I am seeking answers you are no where to be found.
You're trying to teach me? Then why do you put down my solid efforts?   Why do you tell me to be quiet when my mind fires ideas  and my heart fills with emotion when I'm for once passionate 
I craddled my hatred.  I raised it up right, fed it the finest foods, and made sure it slept well.  I was proud of my hatred,  for growing up strong. until I showed it to another, 
Miss Doctor Professor Mrs. Teacher Mister, Can I show you how much your class means to me 20 years from now? Let me get up and walk out the door Because every second that hangs himself, by his big red hand,
My past is just that - my past.  I have moved on  at last.  I cannot forget.  I want to forgive.  My past is just that - my past.      The present 
Enough with radical equations and notations And teach us about the struggles of life Teach us about business plans and their relations And educate us on how to survive the night  
What can't be seen on the inside is  the audacity of learning What a beautifully, treacherous thing The script calls for a master,  but life has taken the mastery out of the art  
Between what makes a snowflakeItself and a species is a recklessness(and something deeper) that only a soulcan know; I wonder how many? How many sparks(between the lines)
Try Teach me how to derive An equation for what it means to be alive Can’t See, there’s no secant line From where I am to the future I have in mind Say, What does it mean to be right?
When you're hurt,you learn to hate. On the other hand when you hurt someone, you're resented. And of course depending on how human you are,you start to feel guilty as well.
  I will succeed I want to graduate high school I want to further my education I want to go to college I will succeed I want to get good grades in college
Everybody makes mistakes Some make big mistakes to where everyone remembers their name That doesn’t mean they will always repeat their same mistake   I got expelled when I was in the eighth grade
They say education is important So why can’t it be When you’re sitting at your desk with your hands between your knees Students sigh in advance when you pass out a test
You are curious You are just a child
                                       Sorrow   My heart is slowly breaking into two pieces. Nobody can hear my silent screams to my daddy, telling him to take me home.
Strong, independent, my wise words of thoughts The source of all my pride and joy The source of my pain The wrinkles that settle beneath the eyelids of a woman hard at work
Hello. My name is Hunger and, I'm a whore. I think I've seen many of you here before... Allow me to explain.   When the land, kisses the sunlight And, day turns into night,
Doc says I should start writing down my thoughts, Says it might help me to find the root of my problems and in turn, the road to recovery. Well, last night, I let old habits visit me and I woke up,
Ridiculous the way you all try to tell us that tests will define us align us  along your lines which we  are not allowed to cross. Ridiculous the way that they tell
I remember in 9th grade I saw my friend begin to fade He had too much ecstasy I thought, “How could this be?” My pal, my friend, my brother Now turned into another What happened to this guy
You stare at your reflection, Sighing at your imperfect complexion. Your now “okay” haircut that’s past the trend, And your pouty face you try to defend.
  I love.I lose.I learn.I leave.I live.And I love again. I give.I forgive.I blame.I shame.I renounce name.Yet still I give again. I love.I lose.I learn.I leave.I live.And still I love again.  
The conversation in my mind is like the round of applause that rang after your favorite band played that summer. Spirited and wracked with resolution, except in my mind, in strands of complicated arguments.  
The Subconscious possesses my fragile fingers, tracing the rusted doorknob. My errant body ambles off, leaving the scent of presence behind. The inviting entrance embraces my hand delicately. Luring me into a House where
The whole world is screaming Everyone has an answer and none of them are correct It’s a mass of conflicting ideals of religion and politics and argumentative tones
From day one we learn We see the faces, hear the voices School, as we grow  Lessons, every year One thing we always gather WORDS From the voices From our teachers From our lessons
My pen touches the paper.The ink slowly flows.The world spins idly byAs my story steadily grows.
I wake up every day and look out of my window at the world.  It may be a little piece of the world, but its mine.  I know that one day, i will die and the world will disappear 
One, two, three, four, five, / A child's delight so simple, / Green and growing, she.
Listen. Miscommunication sucks. The people involved in this travesty feel unheard and underappreciated.
school is  freedom from the pain at home. school is a test before entering the world. Don't take it as "too hard" ,but as a challenge!
I can only exist, or I can live. Oh but living sounds so dangerous. Stepping outside of the box, quitting holding the past tightly to my chest. letting go. No. Its to scary, its disturbing even.
  There are 7 billion people you will never know Never know their names More than 7 billion people With stories as intricate as yours Hopes Feelings Grievances
Poems stalk through the crowd to where they can be soft to the ear, But somehow the words are very clear  And cleverly placed to where each syllable has a purpose. It resonates deep within.
What can I say? Life... It strikes me to my very core.  The warmth grows inside, Empowers me to feel even more.  Oh the energy built up within! Let loose your madness and create!
The wild outburst of love Led me to times where I endlessly write It was an urge to bring out the emotions That I continuously chose to fight L-o-v-e, a blessing or heartbreak, we all may not retain
They tried to teach poetry as a class in fifth grade, Even the teacher opposed to ‘teaching’ poetry, Poetry is not taught, it is felt in your heart and soul, It is a way of expressing yourself like nothing and no one else,
Stay silent Sit straight Perfect hair Perfect teeth Perfect breast Perfect house Perfect parents Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!
Three drops of blood.
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On the outside, I may look normal, Just like all the rest. But inside, I am hurting, My heart tearing in two, From the voices in my mind, That tell me what to do. I can’t escape their orders,
Running through the striped tunnel, its a long way. You can't stop running, that's your life goin on. But you'll stop, just this once Turn around. the walls have photos, frames of your life, glimpses of your past.
I've lived I've learned I've loved I've learned I've lost I've learned I've lied I've learned I've listened I've learned I've laughed I've learned I've lived
To be at the top, you dont have to be hot. You may be hot, but what not? A lack of knowledge Knowledge is Power.
A mother's journey is the journey of life of nature or nurture of happiness and of sadness.
I feel like, every black teen wanna be the next big hooper And if they don't make it, they feel like they've been Kama Sutra'd Some play overseas for a backup plan
Imagine standing on greatness The world is wild but you will find a way to tame it Be shameless, cause it's only those that are crazy enough to believe they can change things That end up famous
Why do we label? Why do we see people in groups? Why is being different, different? Why do people say they don't see me....don't see my color? Celebrate individuals. Celebrate difference.
There are bumps in the road. Many tears to cry. There can be laughter and smiles All you need to do is try. Discover the places that make you smile But stop and look once in a while.
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