How To Speak

Dear Poetry,

I used to wanna run away,
To hide the words inside.
But, then you taught me how to say
All the things I've pushed aside.

I used to think that poetry
Is for the old - is for the weak.
When, suddenly you came to me
And said, "That cannot be!"

I turn to face your shining eyes,
"Then teach me how to see
Why the Sparrow flies in deepest night,
From whence comes the Southern breeze?

"Why do countless voyagers
Flood the world with death and war,
Or live inside conformity,
While all of us grow old?

"Is there a path to florrid peace?
Is that what you are worth?"
Now suddenly, you come to me
And ask if it could be.

"Dear girl," Your voice is blazing warmth,
"I'm a songbird in the dark,
Observe the force that moves the storm,
A breeze within your heart,

"I walk among your revered graves,
I hold your tears in jars of clay.
Away, from every beaten slave
I've cast too many chains.

"I am naught but Poetry,
To live inside of normalcy.
Their voices say that you are weak,
But I'll teach you how to speak

"All the words you've burried
In that dictionary-soul,
I'll make you bold, so one day,
You'll understand what I have told"

You turn aside - that smile,
Dancing on your cheeks,
Your message reeks of sympathy,
Your goal is not unreached.

I used to back away in fear,
Today - I won't in fetters stay
The questions that inside me plague,
I'll pour upon this well-worn page.

Dear poetry,
You taught me how to breath.

Dear Poetry,
You set me free.

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