Never Judge Someone's Intelligence By Their Mistakes


Everybody makes mistakes

Some make big mistakes to where everyone remembers their name

That doesn’t mean they will always repeat their same mistake


I got expelled when I was in the eighth grade

But I was still there the next year

Just trying to get straight A’s


People talk, word gets out

Now my fourth period teacher is looking at me like “WOW”

Thenceforth my guidance counselor reroutes me on a different subject matter

Now my level of confidence for straight A’s has shattered

At this point I can’t wait for the next three years

Will they even matter?


So discouraged because all my teachers laughter

About the school I had to attend because my 8th grade disaster

They all told me I wouldn’t be able to alter my academic levels

I’m sure I’m not the only student there that felt belittled


I was told I couldn’t take Spanish or any superior classes

Due to my inability to acquire the material as fast as “normal students”

Taking a hard long glance around me, I quickly disheartened my straight A’s


As the years went on, I was now a discouraged sophomore with low grades

With the students who only make grammatical mistakes running around with jack of all trades

And all the teachers cracking down on students who are about to fail saying we never participate


I met a lady the next day who told me about scholarships and college

I thought about everything she said but told myself yeah right you don’t have any knowledge

But then that’s when I acknowledged it, I had buried myself to deep in disbelief


I worried about what my peers might think, when they see I care about learning

But from that day I never looked back, I struggled along the way and sometimes even said it was too late

I spoke to my teachers and asked how I could increase my grade; they all looked at me like I was insane


Teachers are supposed to be there to teach you everything you need to succeed

To educate and instruct their students to master skills and be ready for the “Real World”

And just because you make some mistakes doesn’t mean you can’t have good grades

Teachers should encourage all students even those with low grades or attendance problems


I eventually took Spanish and some superior science classes, I didn’t even need

I was done with all my classes early so I dual enrolled in Nail Specialty

All the way from a 1.3 to a 2.8 I really showed my teachers how to participate

Just because I didn’t want to collaborate doesn’t mean I didn’t participate

I graduated with a 2.8 and two weeks later was a Nail Tech!!


Now on to the next step to furthering my education

I plan to work as hard as I can to be able to afford to go to college and study Psychology

I want to study Psychology so I can help those in need of my poem

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