You're trying to teach me?

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 00:47 -- Brilamz


You're trying to teach me?

Then why do you put down

my solid efforts?


Why do you tell me to be quiet

when my mind fires ideas 

and my heart fills with emotion

when I'm for once passionate 

about the topic?


You yell at that kid in the back

for not paying attention

for sitting by himself

with his head down all day.


Can I teach you something?

All you have to do is sit with him

tell him he's not a failure,

have you done that yet?

Or is that red F on his paper

the only feedback he's gotten?


Can I teach you something? 

Just because it's a weekend,

doesn't mean we have extra time

to do extra work.

I have practice and community service,

he's working to support his family,

she's babysitting her nephew,

we have lives 

just like you. 

I bet you just learned

something new.


Can I teach you something, Ms teacher?

I deserve respect, 

just as much as you.

In fact, you should teach me that.

I should know 

that in life I deserve respect.


You say you're preparing us for the 

"real world"


Can I teach you something? 

In the real world, 

we don't have standerdized testing.

In the real world,

we don't have assigned seating,

In the real world,

bright ideas don't get stifled

if they're spoken "too loud"

In the real world,

I'll have a voice.


Can I teach you something?

I'm a real person

with real thoughts

real emotions

and real dreams.

I'm not just a name

in your role call.

I hope I taught you

something new.




Love this! Wish teachers and school boards everywhere could get a copy of this!

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