The Pain That Shouldn't Fade

I remember in 9th grade

I saw my friend begin to fade

He had too much ecstasy

I thought, “How could this be?”

My pal, my friend, my brother

Now turned into another

What happened to this guy

Lying on his bed waiting to die?


I remember in 10th grade

When the pain wouldn’t fade

My friends handed me a beer

I took it from them without fear

Hoping it would heal the hole

That took such a heavy toll

But all it did was leave me passed out

Filling me with even more doubt


I remember in 11th grade

When the pain couldn’t fade

They gave me some weed

Already planting the seed

Breathing in, becoming insane

I tried to rid myself the pain

But the only thing it could do

Was make me become addicted, too


I remember in the 12th grade

I wish the pain didn’t fade

I was trying to be cool

Instead of the lonely fool

A guy handed out ecstasy

Even gave a handful to me

Without thinking, I ate it all

Then next second I began to fall


I remember my birthday

As my body began to decay

My brother was there

Full of worry and care

My eyes released a tear

Out of complete fear

I told him, “Be ready for strife.”

“Because it’ll help you in life.”


My brother began to see me fade.

He realized the pain wouldn’t fade.

He realized the pain couldn’t fade.

But he knew the pain shouldn’t fade.


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