To Become More


A great man said once “Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.”

Many people have many dreams, and many dreams are to serve others.

I am selfish.

I wish to be served.

I wish to learn all that people have to teach me.

I wish to grow from what has already grown in others.

I wish to become wiser through those whom have seen what I have not.

I wish to be taught, and therefore, I wish to teach.


All you need to know can be learned from actions, not books.

If I wish to learn math, I shall count the finger taps of students.

If I wish to learn literature, I shall read their eyes.

If I wish to learn history, I shall study the hard lines of their faces.

I wish to be a compilation of the people I encounter.


Right now, I am singular.

I know only myself and the few people I’ve met in my nineteen years.

Through teaching, I become plural.


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