A Spark

Each morning starts with a spark

“Thank-you” as each foot steps onto the floor

Remembering that days are better

Starting with gratitude


To-do lists to be checked

Goals to be me

People to see

And dates to be set


Each morning remembering that

Breakfast makes a difference

With payday in four days

And no more cage-free eggs

It’s a day to walk to cranberry hills

Support your local restaurants

Then free coffee on campus


Each morning, another day to play dress up

Sometimes PJ’s and no make up

“But you never know who you’re going to see”

A wise woman once said

So fifteen minutes for self

Make sure to look good for yo self


Each morning, knowing I’m on my way to the top

Independent for the sum up

So many adventures waiting on

But those adventures will never happen

Without my work to make those funds


Applications for financial need

Extra hours to make these checks the best they can be

Essays for courses, school work before the weekend

Clients to work with, practice ones for the real thing

Books to be read, poems and thoughts to be said

Words to be written, music to be sung

Social as can be, most thankful for times I can sit


Each day, more to learn

Slowly seeing as we grow

Living life with questions

Finding answers in small messes,

All the while, finding color


There’s a lot to be done

When the sun comes up

And it ain’t gonna happen, if I don’t get up

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