Growing the Rose of Love

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 22:18 -- yare15

It requires caring, like love needs honesty to grow.

We are the seeds of love which need to sprout

But only with the right tools, will it flourish and go about.


Soil is how a rose gets nourished

Just like how, compassion allows a couple to flourish.

Helping each other when broken down

Giving support when no one else is around.  


Honesty is the water we sprinkle to our lovely flower.

The purest makes our love unravel,

While a murky lie makes our love deflower.


Because I love you, I try my hardest

To create this shed with the right tools to harvest.

This is the healthy relationship which makes our love grow

Our love is an ageless rose, so don’t cut it,

 Since it took so long to grow.


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