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I cry, but only by myself Constantly I reminisce about us Red was the setting sun, setting your silhouette ablaze Your smile which shined brighter than any star   I keep wondering if you think about me still
They seem to fall gracefully at first, silent, warm rolling down my cheeks waiting to soak the creases of my neck. Emotions build, I become overwhelmed from all the overthinking. The tears brew faster, more rapid, heart beats increase.
Tell me your lies, tell me your sins tell me the life that might have been they have killed you oh once-mighty-one for you have wilted under the withering sun the golden god so fierce and brave
Tears rolling down my cheeks Tears of sadness Not tears of joy Tears of worry Tears about you Tears about my mom My sister My brother My dad Tears about my life
Alone everything pulled inside of me. Surrounds me within me. Unable.
Baby, I’ll hold you again before I die Things haven’t worked out for us yet, But I feel that someday I’ll marry you You shed tears because of your sadness Stop your crying and sighing, my darling
I'll never understand the way you left and why. Forgiveness will be difficult, over three years went by. In all that time you never called or hardly even wrote.
Couldn’t take it anymore Don’t want you to hurt Even the sky is crying I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore  
i cry for help but my mouth stays closed you see my cries still you know I am crying out for help but you ignore me because its so much easier to ignore someone's cries when you are
Times do change But hearts' beat the same. Little things grow But my head remembers still you Deep oceans do rise So my hopes for you to find There was me and you in the end
I hold all my tears in my hand so no one will hear them hit the ground. My tears are so heavy. They weigh so much. They hold so much hurt, sorrow, and rarely joy.
Look a little closer. See behind his eyes of lies.  All they hold is despair, deceit, and despise.  He’s breaking into pieces. His heart is on the floor. 
Burning,My eyes are burning,A family recipe of allergies and tearsThey spill down my cheeksThey pool at my feetCryingI can’t stop itI am no longer in control hereThey go where they please
It’s happening again, Such unbearable pain, And if my soul is crying As my heart is breaking, then that’s fine…   I’ve let so many people down, Lost so many beautiful opportunities,
I am drifting, a lonely piece of driftwood covered in pale moonlight on an open sea. I don’t know where I am going nor where I came from, but I am drifting. I feel hollow, empty like a piece of me is gone and it can’t be replaced.
"Boys don't cry" Has been my recent state of mind But I'm sure that it must be a lie Because now I'm flooding on the inside I am leaking from the outside And I am plenty of a boy
Sometimes  My tears don't fall Sometimes I don't allow them to They sit there, Right near the bags under my eyes   Or right on the center of my cheeks greeting my dimple with a smile
Inside   My tears fall swift and silent. It is too quiet… Deafening silence fills the air, lays on my bed, and covers the floor.
One Hundred and Sixteen   These quiet halls are bleak with emptiness. My footsteps, slow and loud, alert no one. The door to my room grows taller,
Weeping Small watery beads fall like tiny diamonds. Glittering as the sunlight sprouts from their surfaces in prismatic tints.
S    another day, another eight long hours of me holding my breath      T    waiting for something, anything, to go wrong      O   over and over, my soul experiences turmoil to the extent of death      P    this has been going on for way too long 
I am in love with the rain. The way it cleanses my heart, and soaks up my pain. The way it relieves me from the draining sunlight that had burned up all my emotions and left me a barren wasteland.
It’s hard to admit you’re just as broken Just as haphazardly strewn everywhere on the insides Hard to admit you’re like us Crying ourselves to sleep Unnoticed in the darkness  
A tight emptiness in my throat A quick consideration of options but endlessly told to say nothing Youth does not hide the terror in trying or the knife swallowed as i do nothing
All this time I’ve livedin another reality.All I did was giveand I was happy.   My reality is notwhat you would expect.But I wasn’t taught to not let it affect.  
Just like dark clouds you can tell it will rain the storm will happen showering the flesh in pain   It will crash and bang on everything it may touch this heavy set of rain
shivers down my spine at the thought of you leavin' me behind after all that we have been through you made me think it was always gonna be me and you now, as you head for the door 
There I go   Looking again  
I cried today, and it's okay In hindsight now, I can't fall prey To doubt and fear, or dark dismay Their dreary biddings to obey * I cried today, it's tough to say Just why I cried, I can't convey:
Bang, Bang. You Shot Me Down. You broke my heart and let me drown. You lost sight of what we had. You didnt care if it hurt so bad. We Fell In Love In A Hopeless Place.
I'm drowning in a world Where you are the air. I'm starving in a land Where you are the sustenance. I'm dying of thirst Where you are an oasis. I'm left behind From where you had to go.
Handfuls of hair tugged tight,Kids crying out in fright,Do they know this is why people cry at night?People thinking they are always in the right,
What poetry has taught me is how to be true, Even though sometimes I haven't a clue. When I feel upset or mad, I pick up my pencil and paper pad. I write down my worries, my future, my fears,
So many tears I have shed  Throughout my life But there are Many that I didn't Know how to  Those ones I held in All came out at once In the form of a panic attack
We sing like Rain We scream like Thunder We shine Like lightning hitting the Crashing Waves We Mourn like the Storm finally calming itself We are gloom like the grey Skyies after a Hurricane
Slowly and sweetly arises my soul with a comforting, soothing fear. A place, not a place, a man, not a man: Heaven! I'm finally here. The guilt's gone away, tears flit to my eyes. Why do I cry in such bliss? 
I celebrate myself as I mourn myself. For days I cried, for days I wandered, lost. For days I was afraid, so afraid. So lost. So lost.  For days I rejoiced, life was so good.
It's funny how stuff works out, No matter how loud I shout, You can't hear. It's funny how shrill I cry, Funny how much I try To disappear. But it's the holiday season, so what is my reason to die?
How the world is against feeling numb! The towering trees demanding awe,  The twittering birds crying for attention, The fascination one feels from looking at a lake. How beautiful the feeling of being in love,
A break up is something couples dread the most. It is something couples avoid or else they'll feel lost. Our significant other is the one that makes us whole.
"I'm crying for no reason" she told me when I asked. I felt like I dealt treason when I continued no further.   "I'm crying for no reason" it rang through my soul. I was much too young
I know you're hurt. I know you're broken. I know that you thought the last time that this happened was truly going to be the last time. I want to start off by saying that it's okay. It is okay to not be okay.
You. I’ve cried more times than i can count today. I don’t know what will become of us. I want to stay with you because you do make me happy, but nothing is written in stone.
Dear User of Me,   You walk right past  not a word said. In the summer, I almost saved your soul from the wrath of a blue-haired lady. But, mama said no and held me captive.  
When they told meYou had gone away,I didn't thinkThey meant forever. I thought you wereOn vacation,And I was jealousYou didn't bring me. But even now thatI understand whatThey said,I still wish IHad gone too.
I have never known what kind of person I am Except that I like to be alone, And that loneliness is my best friend. There has never been a time that I was not relieved To feel my tears stain mascara to my cheeks.
A final exhale staggered through pained lungs​, As the heart gave in to its demise, Dark orbs glazed over, And screams haunted the darkness, While cries of agony filled the night, A dreadful symphony, A nightmarish harmony, A twisted chord, The vo
I live moment to moment Heck, I am the moments I am that moment when you're in the middle of texting someone and they call you
You tested my patience, my unofficial commitment, you tested my ability to actually love someone, or feel at all.  
she's barely making it through each day  there's some days she just wants to throw her life away but nobody knows that because they dont look behind the mask maybe if they did  they would see just how much pain she is in 
some days it feels like nothings gonna go as it should some days im too anxious to do the things i love the most some days i feel like an unwanted toy thrown to the side  
I am afraid to close my eyes Hearing the emptiness when I awake Feeling any heart pounding against my ribs lungs constricting to leave me breathless. My head is spinning as I choke down a shriek
She is twenty years old; that means she has been living on this earth for twenty years. However, do not mistake living with feeling alive. Because it has been about five... six, seven, eight, nine.
Tinkling, As they fall,  One by one  Into the deep abyss
Away from you. Away from pain. Away from judgement. What’s to gain?   Everytime you said the note was flat.
The baby is crying  he yells at her  something rises in the back of your throat  but it's the kind that holds you back you flinch as his words grow fouler  as his actions grow in recklessness 
The dark clouds roll in with the promise of rain. And I sit here staring out the window with tear stained cheeks, alone in an empty room where the shadows creep. I await the crying of the sky
When I saw my dad cry I was lost, the male role model who held back tears when nothing would hold back for him. Who looked challenges in the eye and smiled.
At night the same nightmare plays over and over. I tell myself that women shouldn’t think, not even alone at night, but the nightmare still prevails. I am sweaty and panting. My legs are sprawled open.
Alas, I must I hadn't a choice, really I coiled in fear and agony as I caressed her cold, leathery skin Yelling for her spirit to reenter with no such luck
I’m emotional.  I cry a lot. But these teary eyes  brown pools of mud, drip only for a while before they flood into a heart broken pile.   Books, trees, paper.
Look outside. Find a reason why you feel this way. You seem happy. You seem serene. You seem strong. All I hear are lies. I'm confined.
I miss you. I never wanted to admit that, But I really miss you. You never told me the password for the PS4 And your Sly Cooper icon is Iconic. Heh, get it?
It’s against the rules to bawl here. Not because someone said it, not because it would hurt anything. Just don’t cry. It’s that simple. Just don’t feel. Quit it.
Now the only question I had to ask myself was , what was IT? What was I looking for?.
Crying. I was up crying for you all night. I don't know you. I've never seen your face, Yet I was crying, crying, crying.   I wanted you there. I wanted you to hold me.
You used to always cry at school. The only thing wrong with that? You used to cry about him being my boyfriend.
Heavy once again Sorrow permanently Permeating Penetrating Over and over The insecurities  Stab like darts Tears well up  Out of nowhere Leaking and spilling
It hurts again This familiar pain The ache in your chest The depressing rain The gloomy sky So high above It feels cold And chilly And somehow wet And it feels like
I used to think it was normal To cry for three hours about nothing. That it was normal To think about dying at least once a day.
Try not to weep, or grim will hear you as he creeps, looking for sad souls to reap. It’s quite cheap, but that’s how he pays his upkeep.
And now your heart is hurting And I feel it too As mine has always Been hurting for you
I reminisce of weightlessness:  peering down into 10, 20 feet of air. My delicate days,  I recall, as a haze  full of branches: a careful cloud  of offshoots  that, long as I could, 
Eyes red, dried tears on her cheeks; On the roof she sits with pen and paper Describing the beauty of the street lights The sound of the rustling trees
Today was different, I didn’t feel like I was drowning In a sea of my own tears.   The cold grip of shackles That encompassed me No longer bound me To regret or remorse.  
Why do I learn? To someday be wrong Why do I sing? Just words and no song Why do I cry? I haven't lived long Why do I struggle? With no visible end Why do I smile?
I used to never know what it sounds like to hear my mother cry.Now she cries so much I don’t know what it sounds like to hear her laugh
When I was five, I saw a cloud in the sky.   It looked like:   The places where fairies slept
They fall like rain drops from the sky Sliding down the skin while time goes by They go unnoticed  For she doesn’t make a sound No one to hold her  As she lets it out She’s done it for years
One by one,
When in October the air was cold,  Leaves were falling because they were getting old, Some trees still had color they were standing strong, Daylight was little the darkness was long,
do you ry at 3 in the mornin worryin bout me roamin
Death from lying Always crying My souls escaping to the sky There is no love among this dark Falling from grace and torn apart Consumed by you I lost myself Lived for your love and happiness
A faint mysterious cloud rolls overhead. Darkness comes along leaving room for regret.   Memories engulfed with tiny drops of rain, Slowly warning this is no ordinary day.  
Silent tears run down my cheeks As I try to get some sleep   Days may come  And Days may go Though you may never know   Silent tears fall from my eyes I hold onto a hope that never dies
She sings a song so soft and sweet But it's filled with such sadness It makes you want to cry This song lets you feel her pain And you want to scream   How can this be fair you wonder
Beautiful girl Why are you crying? Shouldn't beautiful girls Be smiling? Are not happy girls the prettiest?
The vaguely audible drip-drop of tears onto floor The sorrow, miserable countenance she wore The expanding of an internal flame Who is, I wonder, truly to blame?   She slouched, unevenly sitting
Burning cheeks Warm froth on the tips of eyelids Lips quiver and teeth clench   Tears dry on puffs of red skin Nose yearns for air Throat swells   Broken lenses 
he sat down beside me
I sit up online Trying to forget my past The old memory of mine It breaks me fast
The salt burns my eyes I've repeatedly told myself useless lies I scream at myself, alone There's no one else, because no one's home "Stop crying! Stop crying!" "Being this weak is embarrassing!"
Oh my darling, please don’t Don’t let depression sear your heart I know it’s hard to say goodbye But sometimes friends must part  
A woman knows how to wait without despairing Gives all her love excpecting nothing in return A woman is as tough as bark and as fragile as a crystal She's able to suffer without spilling any tears
Let x equal me
I don’t want to not believe I don’t want her to become something other than what she sees In the mirror, is a different person?
Researchers say crying is inborn I had to learn how to cry I stifled the sight of my tears Away from the taste of salty crystals on my tongue Afar from the expression of my fears
Now, don't cry, you've got makeup on, and do you really want streams of black running down your face, do you want  people to say that it looks like your soul is leaking out of your eyes?
No one can see The pain in my eyes No one can see When I cry No one can see That i'm dying inside Thise comments you make Hurt like hell Those comments you made Left marks on my skin
From the outside looking in, everything was alright Mommy was happy, Daddy held her tight Everyone worked hard, everyone did smile, We were all happy, at least for this little while.  
Only I knew, that I prevoked this  /  Theres no closure nor a farewell kiss  /  I had looked in to your worried eyes  /  Such an enchanting shade of blue  /  I decided against the easier lies  /  I whispered I couldn't ever love you  /  I never f
Where can you find a blessing
We once said those words, But do we even und
"First step's so called education, next we bring assimilation. We keep you passified so you will follow" Send out the soldiers & fill up the prisons, Stand in line for superficial pleasures
She mourned for shattered hearts,
A child screams for her mother, A man cries for his wife, A young boy holds the only thing keeping him alive. There is silence all around
I am angry and upset! I feel like a fool! Not eveybody knows, good! Keep it that way! I wanna say I'm crying, on the inside. I do not love him enough to shead a single tear.
hold your breath, it's not over yet, so you try to get away you try so hard to destroy the monster, when you relize, that demon, is you...   as the clone creeps closer,
Trembling they rise Immersed in my grief Ferrying my troubles with them   Dancing they fall Catching the light Diving down my cheek   Eyes bleed my miseries Wrist bleeds my soul
So lost, still lookingWhere's the never found?I gaze with fixed eyesThis dark quest has me cemented My heart is dementedMy whole solution is buried Underneath the land of the hopeless
...sitting in a room, empty, consuming  the thoughts surrounding the little heart inside as a tear begins to form, and slowly falls to the floor, a voice silently questions, what are those tears for?
Why do we cry, let things happen as they will Why are we so scared, as if dying at every chosen trail   Try going ahead, leave it at that Try flying with the clouds so you don't look back  
Does it matter that these tears fall for you? That they hit the floor and the page, but not your hand? Does it bother you that you did this to me? When will you pull me out of this quicksand,
they sky is crying today. thrashing gusts of angry wind  and my mind is a kaleidoscope crossed in a multitude of colors.
i am in titanium cuffs locked by my inner thoughts im chained to a brick wall with chains crafted by my dark past i am bundled and gagged with rags weaved from my own fear and doubt and i have lost control.  
The mirror stands before me after four years. Finally I can rid myself and make my skin clear.   Pop! There goes my first "F." I cringe and I make noises not found on any clef.  
When you cry It feels like you die Inside yourself Because it shows everyone else What you don’t want them to know
When you want to cry You don't know where to go Don't know where to hide Knowing those moments leading up Those words or lack there of Words which stay in the head Which way to look
Born to be set apart from the world
You think the world changing
People keep staring I just look to the floor Strangers start talking a few more steps to the door. Beep.. Beep.. Beep. Heart racing; too much noise Cheery smile, happy face.
Violent screams, tears dripping from 
Her eyes have sprung leaks bitter rain, acid rain, flushed out through the pitched eaves of her face as she whispers to herself, her voice a dismal crack,
  Shattered The pieces of my heart fall around me as I sit on the floor my knees to my chest
There is a notion that Crying is Romantic at night Alone into the bed sheets But the truth is It can hit at dawn Or in the afternoon In the shower In a crowded room In a big room
Kiss me hard before you goAnd tell me how you feelKiss me hard before you go
Was this his fate? Does your god make mistakes? A splatter of cosmic ash orbiting naive minds of worshipers.  But what a god he was, For no reason other than: simply because. 
People sit up and worry about the times when i do cry public that is
Your scent just suffocates me, bringing me down into a hole deep and dark. Why would you do this?   Your warm body was once mine, keeping me from freezing at night. Why did you leave?  
I am sad, I am hurt, I am mad, These words don’t work!   I feel empty, I’m at a loss, I’m insecure, I’ve lost the toss.   I feel sick, There’s too much stress,
You're a note sent from heaven, To this battle field in hell. I wish I could kiss you here and the worries farewell.   Every letter written carefully By a steady hand in ink.
So black and white You'll never understand The smudges and strokes Of my untrained hand   The lines and confines of my several binds That bind and tie lies to those who must die
I wish I lived alone so no one would have to hear the rain fall and the rolling thunder Instead I hide and bury myself in blankets and pillows in fear of being heard.
Nothing – Seeing clear as day In the suffocating black of night But cringing with confusion When the sun sheds its light Knowing there’s an answer Not caring if it’s found
Her palms are wet and black from tears and mascara. She thought she was in the right.    Wrong. Nothing is going to be the same.     A wall will be put up around her.
Sleeves slip up in class, and you can see them tiny white lines, one after another, lines up in neat rows like soldiers. She apologizes because she's sorry they are a part of her dysfunctional life.
Those tear filled nights where you toss and turn, Mind won't stop and the heart does burn. Your words tonight cut in real deep, So deep that it prevents my sleep. I hoped you had intentions to mend,
Behind my bedroom door, I hear screaming and fighting; Someone always ends up crying. They try and hide it, But from were I sit, It gets louder, and louder; Overwhelming my ears.
I do not cry – not anymore, Not since I was a little girl. Little boys are not supposed to cry, And how different was I, that I could? Well, you know what I was not having? Reader? That.
I cry everyday for you. One day you watched me as I weped. Your face as cold as stone. Maybe tears are not enough for you. Maybe I need a little more for you. Maybe I should just show you,
Lost inside something That doesn’t exist, Huddled in the corner, Hiding my face. Broken to pieces, Glued back together.’ Stolen from my mind, That piece that’s missing
"Everything will be all right," He says as she sobs into his shirt, Her tiny hand clutches the fabric. Between sobs he pats her back: rocks her, Back and forth. Back and forth. 
You’re crying and you’re heaving As pain rips you apart And I can’t help thinking Of how you do have a strong heart   Tears are gushing from your eyes Filled with so much pain and anguish
It takes me back to the carriage Where mama would craddle me at night They way I would loudly sob when i needed her  The anticipation I would get while waiting for her to rescue me
Wounds from my past still sting. I try not to bring myself to that time again. Why can't things just be like when I was a kid? Having no knowledge of anything. Just care-free and dumb.
Tender little treasure, I can see how broken you are; How much pain you hold secret inside. Hide away! Close yourself off from unwanted destruction. Shy away from those who may hurt you.
I stand with empty hands, Scars on my wrists, I didn’t know life would hurt like this. Blood flows from an open wound, Tears fall and burn, Don’t get too concerned.
You send monsters to kill me, Yet sings that I never die. How is it that you praise my ending- And hold your breath as I wake? As if I’m just your trojan pond.
They lay with no bed, They lay with no sheet, They stay on the floor, They stay with out heat, They sleep with no dream, They sleep with only fear, They wake with no love, They wake with a tear,
hell is when you cannot stop the tears and you're stuck alone on a public bus and everyone stares at you with pity while you cry silently and pray to God that you don't break into sobs. and you do.
Some tears say I’m sorry Some beg please look at me. Some tears ask just hold me. Some tears say leave me please. Some tears say help me… when I feel alone.
I see you cry. You sob and you hold onto me. Your hair is matted and tangled. And you cry. Your body shakes With sobs that don't seem to stop. Your hands wrap around me tightly And you cry.
I've got two guardian angels watching over me. One is named grandma and the other daddy. Both were loved so dearly and nothing brought them down. They were both so strong and lived their lives proud.
Oh how I wish I could turn back time To when you were still here, still alive I miss you more and more each day And nothing will ever be the same I can hardly cope with this pain
Whenever I see somebody with their dad, I feel so very sad. I miss you more than words can express, And I cry more than the rest. I don't know what to do now that you are gone. How will I ever move on?
Life is not so easy now that you are gone I cry every night for I am not as strong I wish you were still here with me right now But I know it is better that you flew up through the clouds
His night is rough and bleak Tears run down his cheeks As the rain pours and slaps the ground His father hits him, yet he doesn’t make a sound For he knows the consequence of yelling
The nightmares come throughout the night. They wake me with the fearful sight, of the cars as they hit, my best friend's face no longer lit. I wake up with a cry, hoping my friend did not really die.
I felt myself drifting flying soaring All eyes on me, my mask adhered, my smile plastered, on plastic face. What’s this feeling?
I see all of the flowers When drought gives them pain You help them by crying showers Say you love them in the rain I'm in drought because I'm lonely What about me? Can you do the same?
~crying out she’s just trying to make it had a boyfriend who beat her..she couldn’t take it bad things happen to good people so she wonders if she should fake it she’s always cautious
Almost every night I lay in my bed and cry as the tears fall I wish I at least knew why I try to come up with reasons in my head I think that maybe I'm just stressed Worried about school and becoming an adult
Words are power. They can be used for good. But when words are awful, they can be used for bad. Every morning, I wake up to hear My brother's taunting, and my sister's tears.
Butterfly baby, traveling way too fast. Uncertianity is her future; Darkness haunts her past.
Each fight we have, tears me down, Of your standard, I've fallen short. Barely hanging on with pain, Can't you see that we're the same?
Dionysus hazed reality, Patronizing life’s malleability. Amethyst cannot prevent this truth, When a bard’s words run dry and uncouth.
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