Stop the Bleeding

S    another day, another eight long hours of me holding my breath      T    waiting for something, anything, to go wrong      O   over and over, my soul experiences turmoil to the extent of death      P    this has been going on for way too long       T   there has been way too much gossiping, telling secrets and rumors, lying      H   there has been way too much yelling, screaming, backstabbing, crying,      E   there has been way too much judging, faking, eyerolling, sighing       B   i’m tired of the drama and i’m tired of the pain      L   i’m exhausted, i’m weak, i’m weary      E  all my attempts to “trust more” was done in vain      E   the lines are blurry, i’m seeing red, i cannot think clearly      D  everything that happened was all my fault      I     every choice i made was a mistake      N    you found out something you shouldn’t have; my life came screeching to a halt      G   why was i so stupid? if only i had known what was at stake       S-T-O-P   T-H-E   B-L-E-E-D-I-N-G 

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