she's barely making it through each day 

there's some days she just wants to throw her life away

but nobody knows that because they dont look behind the mask

maybe if they did  they would see just how much pain she is in 

she's trying so hard to push through and do things on her own 

but lets be real nobody should face their demons alone   

she's  drowning in her pain nobody taught her how to keep herself afloat

she's gradually feeling more and more like she should just surrender to the darkness

she smiles and laughs by day yet screams and cries by night   

no matter how loud she gets it seems nobody hears her pleas for help 

laying in her room some nights  she wonders why shes even here 

she's starting to feel as though she would not be missed very much 

her hand itches  to hold the silver paintbrush one last time 

yet day after day she talks herself out of it  

she's beginning to fear that one day she wont have the strength to do so 

there's times she's  not sure she's gonna make it through the night  

the thread holding her to this earth keeps getting thinner and one day it will snap 

if only people would try to see the girl behind the mask before it's too late 





This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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