some days

some days it feels like nothings gonna go as it should

some days im too anxious to do the things i love the most

some days i feel like an unwanted toy thrown to the side  

some days i smile just to keep the tears from falling

some days i say im fine to see who cares enough to say i know youre not 

some days i shut down  and wont talk to my loved ones  because im afraid of hurting them

some days i just want to be held   forever because i just feel so lonely

some days  i want to hurt just so i can feel something other than this empty numbness

some days i hide in my room to avoid confronting my anxieties

some days  i feel like someones puppet as though im not truly living

some days i look at the ground because im scared tosee people being scared for me

some days i push everyone away but thats when i need them most of all 



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