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The day they said the world was to end and so the day the world waited for with fears   but no signs of it all and the day's work went as usual and on schedule and some as late as usual  
When youre all alone and you think no one is around. When you think no one else see's what youre doing. Look up to the sky, forgot about him, did you? God knows all and see's all.
The reflection oppressed upon me cannot comprehend what’s beneath my faltered skin and battered complexion or amount to my heart that beats passionately for music and the lines of my poetry.
  He's silent in a hundred different ways. Yet in his silence, count the many times he's made you FEEL. Never forget:
In time and chance Maybe we can all dance Up and Down the world so green Why do people have to be so mean Time can change anybody's name And yet people remain the same Sometimes things go wrong
Colorless is how people should appear to a police officer’s view Offender’s skin shouldn't make a difference in the end its true
Colorless is how people should appear to a police officer’s view Offender’s skin shouldn't make a difference in the end its true
Chances are you could find love Chances are you can be happy   Chances are you have to shove
Surrounded by darkness The light always burns at night Gravel crunches underneath the tires as I pull up I see him standing on the side of the house Covered half by light and the other half By darkness.
You're always emergency room crisis, broken knucklesSometimes blood isn't always meant to be poetic, kid You keep betting your life, wishing against. what's the bid? The big pyramid scheme of existence
I am flawless
Met the most amazing guy within the blink of an eye 
***This was written in 8th grade. Our not-so-bright teacher wanted the class of 13 year olds to write a romantic love poem. I felt left out because I'd never even been in a relationship, must less been in love.
Flawless me, For I am Lindsey.
  I am beautiful   Not the size 2, flawless skin, model type But the stretch marks, dark brown eyes, curvy type.  
Love finally found me, alone in my room, despair had eclipsed this old heart like the moon, covering the Sun and blinding my eyes, I called out to God and He heard my cries, I still feel the pangs of being alone, left here to suffer my mind is st
They say it doesn't matter. That they can fix things With some pills, or a rope And everything will be okay. “Why keep going?” they say. “Nothing that I do matters.” “Nothing can help me.”
I'm human I am loved I am flawless and I don't apologize. You're human You are loved You are flawless and should never apologize We are humans We are loved and We love 
Yeah, I quit, so what? Our team was terrible, it sucked You could tell from the first games That weren’t on the same page I was hitting the ball, getting triples
She walks in her room picks up her razor, grabs the pills she sits down on her bed, and she cries "Why? Why me!" she screams Everyone sighs Some may even roll their eyes
  I am ….. Broken. By the strong reigns that peer pressure pulls towards me. Constantly fighting the battle of not being lonely No real father in my life honestly it’s not by choice
You were my legs, What kept me moving forward. You were my eyes,  What made me see the beauty in myself. You were my fists, Which protected me from uncertainty.  You were my heart,
Batteries don't last forever Juice oozes with every standing O Your rays and beams lit up Penetrated the humorless The light was sold with every ticket The silver screen molded into a stake
                                                                   What is love to you?                                                                 To me, it is a quick rush.
My mind holds me hostage Torturing me with the memories,
Laying upon my bed of sorrow
DreamsOf regret and painRattle around in my head--Abandoned thoughts,And untouched memoriesooze from my sleep,And into my ear--Spilling onto my pillowand leaving a stain
A mother's love is so deep and true there is nothing she wouldn't do for you. A mother's love will always and forever try to protect you and keep you from feeling blue. A mother's love will be there for you on a drop of a dime.
Your eyes are bright So full of life Your touch is warm Like a radiant beam of light I dream of you often Of holding you tight in my arms   When I'm around you I'm speechless
Soft words, sweet Soft hands, warm Leaves me giddy, breathless Innocent and never knowing loving, falling hard... and you ever knowing, sweet nothing to you  I am nothing
In this place ridden with fear,  Where every man is bound to shed a tear. This place that we are taught to call home, Soon becomes a place we feel alone. Quarantined in our own fears,
I am young
He loves, I love. He smiles, I smile. He’s happy, I’m happy. He change, I’m confused. He, I, and many memories.   He loves, I’m sad. He smiles, I cry. He’s determined, I’m disappointed.
You live in my cavities 
It can go away so easily All this pain, this fear This loneliness, these tears I can make it go away.   It can go away so easily Just three pills too many A small slit to a fragile wrist
How was it so easy to change on me We use to be so deeply in love That when you were sad, I cried When I was hot , You Sweated When i thought, You reacted If you had an enemy
Not going to let another day pass me byEven though my hair maybe a messAnd I'm not going to lieI don't always pass the test  But I'm going to let the world know that I'm flawless
Me and You I was your love and you were my babe Sounds cliche and cheesy but why not hun Just a couple of kids who secretely liked the other for years But this was not known until recent
kind of  love   
Light fixtures hide your fissures  You long for reassurance. We weren't sure of your intentions Still i double tapped for insurance. Perhaps it was the meaning Perhaps the polarized blight 
people keep wondering what the definition of love is. some say its when two individuals have strong feelings for each other, or sex, maybe even abuse.
My heart is bursting with fire I suppose; The feeling is always mutual But I will propose; That my emotions are changing for the better   My heart is clearly broken
 Green eyes turtles live
You once told me
  One last hug, Just before I go to bed
Love won't you come back, and be my best friend, won't you please give me your heart and soul once again, won't you whisper your sweet song and stand by my side, won't you be my fair maiden, my queen and my bride, won't you give me your hand as w
There is nothing more beutiful in life than love. It's the glue that holds everything together, the thing that makes life more sweet,
Being girl and growing up watching Disney classic You think we all love the princesse Not this girl, I fell in love with the Genie played by Robin Williams His death shocked the nation
Who am I behind this smile?
Why does life taunt us? Pining a little purple butterfly, To the ground. Why don't you fight? I ask him. 'Because I can't.' he replies. Well, why not? I ask. 'Because they don't want me too.'
pain fills my chest as I remember when you layed on my breasts   It kills me to walk this way, the way we went when you were bae.   For 3 years I called you mine.
I'm not scared of relationships, I want a relationship. I want to hold someone's hand while they drive down an open road. I want to kiss their forehead when they feel sick.
its hard letting go of something you've been struggling to hold onto. especially when its hurt you more than it has helped you. but it'll hit you one day when you're holding someone else's hand while they're driving,
people always told me
Sometimes I wish we never met
For years we meandered to jaded drums Lives transfixed on the repeatable bursting boulevards In dreams we cradled love’s aching call Its siren song- we marched to diminishing redoubtable chords
Sitting on the couch, listening to Her family argue with each other. Sitting silently, She wonders why they hate Each other so much. They tell her she’s not good enough, But other people say she is.
i remember all the memorable lies that you once told me, while that was a partial cause that kept me lonely, for the fact of a love that i thought was true, do you remember the words of me saying i love you,
Well I just wanted you to know that I was here I am here I am here like that tooth brush you grab every morning Or when you close your eyes and darkness meets you instantly I am here.
forever, its a strong word that keeps us all attracted, from love that we fall from to love that we practice,  you meet that one person who can make your wrong, right,
Roses are red, Violets are blue, there will never be a doubt in my mind that i will always love you!      
As I look at them, a prequel unfolds In this aura colorblindness persists But look closer and the lines seem to bold The two identical souls coexist   As time goes on, the story does begin
If my words were to not have a filter on them then I would say what's truly on my mind.  I would speak words that come from my soul.  I would let people know how I feel, I would let them know the words I should have said that are now too late to
Beg me to forgive you, maybe I won’t
It’s like you’re in a game of love, a game I c
I look at you,
My dreams of us is all
Can you see the sky inside my heart?
How could I once more find the joy, I had when I found you
(To my little girl, Daddy just asks that you don't grow up too fast -okay?)
Her smile is unfit, as it illuminates beyond the masses,
Me without a filter.Sad and cold as winterHappy seems so UnfamiliarThink my heart has died and witheredLast time I smiled, i was with her.And now she’s goneLeft me all aloneWhat did I do wrong?
this is a poem poemmy poem if you will it is a poem about poem aw yeah poem salamanders have very high  iqs  and so do i because I are be in ap class
As I lie wide awake, I pray to The Lord, "Please, for my sake, if the one I love does not love me back, may your light shine on me before I attack; myself."
  “The family and friends of mine, I dont love, I dont love... Friends of mine don't show up all the time, Still have me in their mind, Borrow my pain, reimburse cheers,
My love has gone away, unfortunately, he swayed. I know your smart, therefore I need your heart.
I love you Not only for what you are, But for what I am, When I'm with you.   I love you, Not for what you made of yourself, But for what... You are making of me.  
Laying in bed Wanting to be with my boo Wishing I were dead Because I cant live without you
Her heart aches so much that she doesn’t know how she’s going to make it through the night Without hearing his voice, feeling his touch, without him by her side  
  Painful shots, routine meds Breath stopping moments, heart wrenching seconds We were there, in that moment of time when we were together
They make the light so something funny, to put that sparkle in his eyes. they even make your lunch act weird, but you'll call it butterflies. They make you fall for the cheesiest pick-up lines.
i never really understood what people meant when they said they've loved and they've lost until I realized I loved you so damn much that I lost my
It's 12 am and I'm starting to realize that I literally want no one else but you and I only want to touch and draw on your skin and I only want your hands on me and I only want to comb my fingers through your hair and I only want your lips to e
it is 2 am
Close your eyes and hear me out,
There’s this thing called ghost lines Pieces of poems never to be completed Floating for a purpose inside your soul Ghost lines,
Rocky spine, left in the night fragile skin that reflects the light. Rocky spine, growing strong marks that show what went wrong. Rocky spine, with a smile so bright eyes that sparkle in the night.
One day you were there By my side Hand in hand Than one day you left No words were spoken you Were Gone Waiting for you Hoping someday  You'll return.
Love is unexplainable.
I met you a year ago, never thought id feel this way I look into your eyes, I see love and my heart wants to celebrate
When we first locked eyes that summer afternoon, You left me, in the most innocent sense, breathless.  I knew that I would fall in love with you And I thought it was worth the risk.  
If you feel cold,I Can warm you up  If you feel sad,I can Cheer you up 
Silly boy, oh silly boy watch me while I get used like a toy abused by his words and fade through his actions how in the hell could this shit have happened ?  
You knew I loved you more than anything in this world If I could, I would give you the world and much more but instead you couldn't appreciate what you had and  now my heart is so cold and bitter.
Its odd that the feelings are still there  even after you left one word reminds me of you and it is like the millions of memories flash through me mind the pain is unbearable 
Are you real with me Or a shadow of Beauty I don't want to know
The day my heart stopped
Sitting here alone with you makes me wish I was yours forever. Wishing you felt that way too,
Waking up everyday like man what a dream, Another image of you seperated by worlds   It all happened in the blink of a eye, I fell for you and everything just seemed right
Waking up every day like man what a dream, Another image of you seperated between worlds.   It all happened in the blink of an eye, I fell or you and everything just seemed right.
can you not see that there is no happy ending for people like us   this only ends when one of us is dead   and the other decides to move on or grieve eternally
please dont ask me to write about our love or about us at all   because i can only write poetry on the things that kill me   and if you want a poem from me
You didn't tell me you  loved me in so many words   but in the way you looked at me and held me   you didn't tell me goodbye in so many words  
I was in love. And you were too.we were together, through and through.but you left me alone, Stranded in an ocean of my tears.it was the end. Of me. Of you. Of us. Of who we were.
I took to the clouds  The coulds had some truth to them, more than in people.
Are we just a flower beginig to blom in the warm spring weather ? Or a leafe changeing its color from green to red? we are the butteflies in our belly and the glint in my eyes.
Now, I don't usually title my poems.
I'm going to make love to you.
Flaws make us who we are,
With time everything passes expect you.
man my minds a train wreck so explosive but nobody knows what's going on cuz I show no emotion. I don't feel the need to tell people my problems.simply because my problems are my problems.
My heart was once your home. Lucky for the girl who have your heart now Lucky, for she finally captured what was once mine. Be happy, I know you already are.   I want to be happy for you
My hand Reaches out To try and  Destroy the darkness And the distance between us You are so close Yet You are so far away Please Don't go Away
Hair bright as a summers day Eyes the color of the ocean You can see the happiness slip away hes trapped by an immature devotion.   His soul as warm as a fires flame has gone cold as ice
Crawling into bed Your heart beats against his Interlocked in an embrace Two bodies connected, forming one Puzzle pieces fitting together Moving in harmony Paddling to shore X marks the spot
We We can We can survive
First thing I see, the one in my eye I’ve known you for years but unrecognized Why you think I’m gone But appear in front of you In thought I’m brave and bold In life I’m shy and nervous
Fear.    Has picked up my trail Is looking to find me.  
Forever have I promised To from you never sunder And though this promise I will keep
Prom is for the parents Nothing less, nothing more It seems to me quite apparent 
Courage, why have you left me
No, I don’t think you’re crazy A little eccentric, maybe But I’ve always loved you like that Don’t I always have your back? I was never the one to judge you Instead I’ve always tried to nudge you In becoming of what you dreamed
You look at me with that smile makes me feel like I can run for a mile, till you trip me with your sexual statements and volgarity, you hooked me in the beginning, made me feel special
The feeling of my forehead pressed against yours Your touch, as always, making my heart soar To be completely honest I'm a little nervous] Your face coming closer leaves me breathless
You do not see me but I am there I kiss your face and I stroke your hair I hold your hand every step of the way I am here with you every day Many times you take me for granted and forget me
Her touch like rain drops falling gently on the lawn Her beauty like the sun rising at dawn Her comfort and care like a bird watching her nest My mother makes sure to give us only the best  
Her reflection appears and she wants to cry But she remembers how she looks in his eyes He floods her mind with things she once thought lies Her heart fills up with butterflies
Sun set after rise Gazed upon by tons of eyes Here, the sea line dies
The silence screams through the noise The blindness crawls through the images flashing by her eyes The anger hides behind a mask of smiles The tears stream but they can't be seen through the look of laughter upon her face
When one speaks of loss, Words pour from their barren souls... Sorrow unmeasured.
Rich scent of autumn, Pumpkin spice and apple crisp, Leaves crunched underfoot.
Autumn leaves softly Touch the frozen earth below. Winter comes once more.
Night looms dark and bleak; Abandoned path, ghosts of dreams; Only sorrow here.
Reading between the lines until the lines fade to white So snowflakes fall there out of sight, yet glistening like his eyes As they look through my soul and to my heart, crawling through
  I've lived a life that's safe. Free of rejection, and what come's with it...
“Pretty girls like you shouldn’t be alone”, he says As his tongue skates on her collarbone She’s never felt the love of a man, of a father So she paints her face and oils her breasts
What happens to a growing friendship?   Does it build up
The chest aches. The emotions swell. It's too late to apply the brakes, Because I already rell.   A face with no expression. A heart far from repair. Nothing strikes an impression,
New vs. Old   A worn out bible, Bought from a drug store in the middle of nowhere.
What is love, be it a red blushing rose? You shall not see it yet until it grows, Yet when it does, don’t get an overdose, What does it survive on, no person knows? If the thorns grow sharp, be sure to hold tight,
You tell me everything will be
So what if this is the end? What if this is goodbye? What if fire starts to ravagely roar from the sky? This is it for our memories we've made in our lives. So stop thinking about the future, and listen to me now.
I'm doing better She says she hears it In the sound of my voice And I wonder if she hears You in there too   The worst thing you can say
Tears drip,
He was my summer love the year of twenty twelve He was my everything for him I'd do anything he was what I needed and maybe if I pleeded, I'd get another chance or at least a last dance.
On the ground were my feet, my head in the clouds As I dreamt of a place that can never be found:   “A place with no pain, a place with no sorrow, A place where there’s always a brighter tomorrow.
I was always a shy girl in the past, Always finding love that would never last. And recently my heart was broken, By a lying, cheating man who used it for poking.
No one realizes, They say she's all smiles, always getting a good grade, They don't think she will fade. But what you don't know, she goes home and the tears flow. she hates herself,
Close to breathClose to touchClose to in-betweenHardest rockAnd breathless nightCover beneath the seamsAre you there?Or are you not?Our eyes darkened like cavesYour black night cave eyes
I wish.... I want to be there to hear the sigh.Feel it fill up within your chestAnd hear it rush out your nostrilsAs it does through mine.and to see it in your eyes.That would be beautiful.
Forget this town.Now I remember why I left.I don't need you now. Maybe this is a sign.You might have beenjust a phase to me. Getting over youwon't be easy.It'll take time.
It's the last year of imprisonment The last of my safety One says it's a step to a new life Perhaps, the closing of youth... Is it death? Never have I ever Felt the uttermost dread
They say young love doesn't last long. I'm hoping we can prove them wrong. Let's take it back to when we first met. You was posted up looking at the basketball net. The first thing I notice was your eyes.
  If I wanted to die I would have swam the depths of your touch And if I wanted to hurt I would have broken to the sound of my own cry But with you there and I’m so far away, There is nothing left for me to deny.
The stars look down and they smile. We lay in the grass looking up. Hand in hand we are alone, insignificant dots in the scheme of things. Together, we will watch the world end.
The Misled Queen “Ayo bitchass” is the way she would greet me as she walked into the locker room Her hair glistened from the shadow of the sun smiling at the ocean at sundown; Rapunzel could not touch her. 
In a world where goodis not good enoughand perfection is an endnever quite attained           I am trapped
  Today is the end of the world Everyone is gonna die Get together with the ones you love Be prepared to say goodbye   Shit, at least we die together
I’m still sad, I’m still crying.I miss you and I know that I shouldn’t care anymore. But it's so hard to let go . You were my best friend boo and I miss you. I’m not supposed to be thinking about you anymore . 
I think involuntarily upon a distant shore, That placard of choice is miles away – Sweet child, I wanted more Than tranquil hope speckled with a superfluous sea, Gaspard knew before us all of the tremulous roar
I spent all day crying over you again. I can’t stop it hurts so much. So maybe you don’t love me as much as I love you.OKAY. FINE.
It's the year 2013 and I thought the system worked differently,  I was killed over a year ago and my killer is still free. As I walk this dark graveyard, I am filled with rage! 
I wish you were with me right now, so you could see the tears spilling out of my eyes. If you saw me cry, would you change your mind? I wish you could hold me close and whisper that everything will be alright.
A beautiful young girl live at home, Not yet old enough to live alone. Living by her parents rules, She never undertsood why they where so rash and cruel.   Sometime down the road she made a new friend,
She made me cry. She left a scar. She hurt me every way possible.   She didn't mean to. She didn't mean not to. She still did.
Through the Fog I can't see Through the fog it's hard to believe Through the fog I don't know me. Through the fog I see light Through the fog I'm gaining sight Through the fog
Ten year old boy holds his mother tight to his chest as she once held him. Now he protects her as best a boy can, knowing only the unknown. His over sized shirt stained with his mother's tears
like the word wealth my true nature is hidden behind Digital image or lyrical gimmicks The fiddler collects winnings when the starved jack pots though ein by jeden
Don't worry of it The end will not come These theories of lies Will root to the ground So stop making these lies Be happy to be around Live another year for you
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