An Imagery Of You


United States
32° 41' 8.9736" N, 117° 2' 17.5776" W

It’s like you’re in a game of love, a game I can’t take part


So I’d play the role of Robin Hood trying to steal your heart


The game you’re in, it had you trapped, within its dungeon cell


A barren place, with many guards, I rode into this hell


I aimed my arrows at the guards, striking them with force


Then grabbed you in the nick of time and rode off on my horse


We rode all night, made our escape, and got back safe and sound


A ceremony then ensued which brought out all the town


At the coronation happened what I always dreamed


I became the king of all the land, and chose You to be my queen


After all is said and done, we’d sit side by side


And rule forever, King  and Queen, together you  and I



Written in Queens, New York -Circa 1994



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