Meticulous of Applause


Hey you, 

you are ubiquitous in every single one of my thoughts even if I haven’t crossed your mind once. 

I love you regardless of what Aristole says about friendship.

I adore you even though opposite poles attract.

I’ve cared about you since before Einstein said gravity is what keeps you down,

which isn’t true at all. 

I’m fascinated with you even when you’re at your worse;

whether you haven’t showered in over a week,

or you’re feeling alone and spit at my name.

I don’t believe I’m insane.

Yes, I’m still in love with you after all this time,

and always will be,

but that’s because I am your gravity.

Like I made the skies and the human body perfect,

you are part of this nature that is so imperfectly perfect that I can’t help but watch over you and fall in love with you again and again.

See, it’s like watching the sun set knowing that it will only last a few seconds.

Somehow, you can’t help but falling in love with it every time you see it again.

This is you.

You whether you laugh, smile and cry with happiness and when you trip, fall and cry out at me. 

These actions all are temporary but the sun will rise again and you will too.

You’ve been meticulous of applause since the sixth day when I first thought of you.


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