your not alone in this world


Being girl and growing up watching Disney classic
You think we all love the princesse
Not this girl, I fell in love with the Genie played by Robin Williams
His death shocked the nation
How can a bubbly and outgoing man do this
But he is not alone
I see myself in Robin Williams
I love to make people laugh and smile
But some people didn't see my pretty smile
Just my the measure of my waist
They teased and picked
Till I cried dreadful tear
My salty tears ran down my face day after day
No one understood my pain
Maybe life would be better without me maybe that will make people smile, to see me gone forever
Dark thought ran through my mind for a long time
I felt so alone
Days and days went by my drepression grew deeper
But something changed me some could say it was a moment of clarity or maybe god decided to stop my suffering no mater the reason I had seen the light
I wasn't alone
I would be missed
I had to see that I was loved and beautiful
No kid could ever take away my spirit
The kid may had taken my happiness but I took it back
The next time you are lost on a dark road and don't know what road to take just know
Your not all alone


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