Crazy Stupid Imperfect ... LOVE


Kingston, Jamaica
United States
Silly boy, oh silly boy
watch me while I get used like a toy
abused by his words and fade through his actions
how in the hell could this shit have happened ?
Once a fairytale, glowed in the confirmed dark
a church is the great place, where all these moments start
lesson relationships are no place for the sick
confused? let me draw out the struggles i’ve dealt with
These guys are not the ones they always seem
don’t ignore the signs being too focused on your dream
LOVE, is when a blind man happens to see
LOVE was the distraction that sadly led me
To want and not be ready is a deadly disease
Purchasing what you can’t afford, always has extra fees
If you’re not stable, then stay in your need
Maybe you’ll become happy with not living the dream
Things change, and people get wiser
happiness should not be confused with a compulsive liar
those type of men are normally caught in a bubble
those type of men are destined for great trouble
Don’t be shy kid, you can speak up
cuz even the most determined could hold in a broken cup
Not much you can do, to make things any worse
it then becomes a game for love that makes us thirst 
Swallow my words whole and don’t forget to breathe - even if you’re sore, you will only get better once you bleed. 
Lady Jaey


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