It’s The End Either Way


Beg me to forgive you, maybe I won’t

Marvel in my ability to see you how you are

I’m content in myself

I see a hopeless romantic, trapped in emotions bound with passion

The good are last -always

They are supposed to die young, but they can live to be last as well

It’s the end either way

It’s terrible to have never loved, this is true,

but a life time of losing in love…..?

You hand me another

Beg me and maybe I won’t

Whose heart is on the line here?

I’m struggling, desperate not to lose again

Make me fit inside your heart, I will stay there

Give me feelings and I will feel them,

my lines and I will read them

But I am made to see the romantic still trapped and still hopeless

You’re sorry and you’re forgiven,

but the cracks have still been inflicted

To go young or to be last?


though it’s the end either way





Written in Texas -2012





Hi Mills Cooper,

I wanted to thank you for your interest in my poem.  I wrote that a long time ago, and my poems have since changed into more heartfelt.  If you are interested in reading others (that have yet to be posted here) please check out my blog:


Also, about this poem, It's the end either way: I like it.  It's unique and I understand the message.  I'm guessing the hopeless romantic you're referring to within the text is you, which I like.  It makes it even more personal.  I have only one suggestion as a fellow poet: try some rhyme schemes.  I find them very useful when it comes to an emotional quality.  As my own writing developes, I have since added in various rhyme schemes, and find the connection readers obtain has intensified.  It's simply a suggestion, but try it, you may be surprised.


I wish you luck in finding some publication and hope you are successful.  Oh and thank you for serving.



Mills Cooper

Hey thanks ever so much for both reading and commenting. I sure will check out more of your poems, please do the same. I actually have quite a few rhyming's kind of my bread and butter. I just recently started to really improve my free verse stuff as this is the stuff of today I guess.  I would like to try some new more contemporary rhyming schemes though to catch up with today's poetry.

I will check out your blog, see what else you have. I'm new so I'm really interested in meeting new poets. Look forward to talking with your further, and thanks again for stopping by -you're my first comment!

As for pleasure, don't mention it!


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