Daydreaming Fantasy


I've lived a life that's safe.
Free of rejection, and what come's with it...
the uncomfortable pain.
I've lived a life where day dreaming was an escape
where I can live how I wanted.
Reality was where scary monsters and broken promises would go to die.
But dreams were a fantasy ready to be revealed,
unveiled and shown for me to see it all.
I am undeniably beautiful in my dreams
and rich and super popular.
Everyone likes me, agrees with me and are always on my side.
Yep, fantasy was much better than reality.
To a degree, and it still is.
I could go to escape the horrors of real life
and all of its misdeeds.
How could I day dream my life away
and watch my days slip by?
I don't know...
If dreams were my fantasy than nightmares must be a reality I couldn't wake up from.


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