Love Story


Sitting on the couch, listening to Her family argue with each other. Sitting silently, She wonders why they hate Each other so much. They tell her she’s not good enough, But other people say she is. They treat her like Cinderella, Not knowing how much it hurts. Then, her world is turned upside down, By people who think differently about her. They tell her not to listen to the people who don’t Love her. They tell her that not everybody is like her family. Her family, and people like them, is all she’s ever known. They were her world, But suddenly, Her world is changing, right before Her very eyes. Her world is widening, Getting bigger by the day. Before she even knows it, She’s run out of the arms of her family, And into the arms of the people who treat her differently. They see her flaws, And love her anyway. Her family sees her flaws, But they don’t love every part of her. They think she’s given up, But she’s just getting started.


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